Thursday, October 28

Finland’s innovative plan to attract global talent

  • Mark Johanson
  • BBC Worklife

Alli Ottarsson


Alli Ottarsson is one of the professionals who will move to Helsinki to work in the technology sector.

Finland offers foreign talents the opportunity to taste life in its capital for 90 days. Could this help the Nordic nation attract more professionals?

At the end of February, Alli Ottarsson will disembark from a plane in the dense snow of the Finnish winter to experience a 90-day experience in an alternate reality and get a taste of what it’s like to work in Helsinki.

He will be accompanied by his fiancée and four-year-old daughter, as well as 14 other professionals selected to participate in a novel program aimed at attracting tech workers to the Finnish capital.

About 5,330 people from around the world applied at the end of last year for this opportunity to 90-day free relocation offering the Helsinki Business Hub, an international trade and investment promotion agency.

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