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Fire on a ship in the Port of A Coruña

Fire on a ship in the Port of A Coruña.

Fire on a ship in the Port of A Coruña.
Victor Echave

El fire has spread this morning by a boat found in the Port of A Coruña. It’s about the merchant ship Hooray, 120 meters in length that transported 7,000 tons of billet for the Celsa company, and is docked at the Muelle del Este. The fire caused damage to one of the ship’s decks, according to 112 Galicia, and two workers who were carrying out repairs inside were affected by smoke inhalation. The Port Authority has been forced to activate the port’s self-protection plan.

Around 12:45 hours, several individuals warned that smoke was seen coming out of a freighter. From 112, notice was given to Sea rescue, who was aware that the freighter I was doing “maintenance” on the engine. According to early indications, the fire raged for about repair work carried out inside the ship and it affected various dependencies. “Two people who carried out these works were affected, in principle by inhalation of smoke,” point out sources from the Port Authority. One of the workers was treated on the same dock in an ambulance and left on his own feet, while the other was taken to the A Coruña Hospital, conscious.

Firefighters and a tugboat dumped several thousand liters of water for an hour, from land and from the sea, until the incident was controlled at around 2:00 p.m.

As a precautionary measure, the water sheet cleaning service deployed a barrier around the ship. The president of the Port Authority, Martín Fernández Prado, as well as the director and the sea captain, traveled to the scene of the events.

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Fernández Prado thanked all the people and entities that participated in the operation for the work, while highlighting the “good coordination” between all the organizations that intervened.

The Sanitary Emergency Service of Galicia-061, the Firefighters of A Coruña, the Galician Coast Guard Service, the National Police, the Civil Guard, the Local Police, the Civil Protection of the city and the Authority were informed. Port.

Maritime Salvage stated that the ship did not carry dangerous goods and that, in any case, what burned was not the load, but a cabin. Later, it was confirmed that the ship was loaded with steel material, says 112 Galicia.

In addition, from A Coruña emergency services they pointed to 112 that the fire had been caused by welding while doing maintenance work.

As reported from the service of Firefighters of A Coruña, five crews worked at the site.

The smoke has caught the attention of pedestrians, so the photographs of the fire have started to circulate through social media.

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