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Firefighters warn of a rebound in home fires in December in Alicante

Photography for the campaign on awareness and precaution against the fires of the firefighters of Alicante

Photography for the campaign on awareness and precaution against the fires of the firefighters of Alicante

The firefighters of the Firefighting and Rescue Prevention Service of the Security Department of the Alicante City Council warn of a rebound with a higher incidence of fires in homes during the month of December in Alicante. Specifically, firefighters have extinguished in twenty days a total of 16 emergencies, eight fires in homes, four in premises and shops, as well as another four electrical fires.

For this reason, the firefighters want to appeal to the population to take extreme preventive measures and avoid fires and emergencies this Christmas, to be able to enjoy these holidays without having to regret any fire.

SPEIS firefighters have explained that one of the most effective measures to prevent a fire is to install smoke detectors, since the fires with the highest number of fatalities occur during the night while we sleep. For this reason, they have started a campaign to have smoke detectors installed in homes.

Likewise, from the SPEIS, they point out that accidents occur during Christmas time as a result of the improper use of decorative elements and Christmas lights. In addition, these dates coincide with the drop in temperatures and the increase in the use of heaters, so the firefighters have asked for greater control and extreme preventive measures.

The Councilor for Security has asked “maximum prevention and that we improve security in our homes to avoid fires this Christmas, we must be aware when we cook, not leave chargers plugged in or elements that can carry a risk and above all install fundamental smoke detectors to alert a fire “.

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Firefighters also request that they be acquired luminous decorations in stores that guarantee your safety against possible overheating that can cause a fire, decorate homes with synthetic Christmas trees, which meet the requirements of the regulations on fire retardant treatment. Also leave everything unplugging at night, and extinguish the candles when you leave the room, or when you leave the house and go to sleep, and not celebrate the arrival of the new year with fireworks, which every year cause numerous fires and accidents.

Firefighters have explained that the installation of Electronic smoke detectors are a measure of self-protection very effective and economical, which achieves, in the event that smoke or gas is detected in the area where they are installed, to emit an acoustic alarm that alerts and warns of the existence of fire. In addition, in case of being asleep, these devices are even more important, as they can warn and save lives.

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