Sunday, September 26

First high with Laporta

  • The frenetic week of the new president concluded with a Barça exhibition in Anoeta that leaves the flame of the League very much alive

  • Four days after his inauguration, he traveled to San Sebastián with a dozen managers who enjoyed the team’s ninth consecutive victory away from home

The week of endorsements, negotiations until early morning, the songs at odd hours and the long-awaited investment closed with him first high of Joan Laporta’s second stage as president. Exercised talisman the charismatic leader, who took this Sunday a charter to Saint Sebastian to enjoy your first official trip four days after his hopeful speech at the Camp Nou.

The theory said that it was not the simplest scenario to launch the mandate. Anoeta it is usually a stadium quite ashy for Barça. History proves it. It wasn’t this Sunday. The team of Koeman maintained his positive inertia, signed a sensational win and added the ninth win in a row win away from home in the League, his third best mark in history.

Unusual entourage

From the chirigota lived in Cádiz On December 5, the Catalans only accumulated successes away from the Camp Nou. They triumphed in their visits to Valladolid (0-3), Huesca (0-1), Athletic (2-3), Granada (0-4), Elche (0-2), Betis (2-3), Sevilla (0 -2), Osasuna (0-2) and, this Sunday, against Real Sociedad, who had not lost at home in the championship in 2021.

And in Anoeta was Joan Laporta, along with his inseparable friend Rafa Yuste, vice president of sports, and a wide and unusual entourage of executives who completed Eduard romeo (economic vice president), Ferran Olivé (treasurer), Miquel Camps (vocal), Mateu alemany (future soccer director), Ramon Planes (technical secretary), William Love (director of institutional relations) and the two CEOs, Òscar Grau (Bartomeu executive) and Ferran Reverter, Laporta’s first signing.

“It is a demonstration that we are going for everything. Not only is Atlético, there is also Madrid. It will be exciting until the last game” (Koeman)

“The most beautiful gift”

Suffering in a time trial something surreal to achieve the 124.6 million from the guarantee necessary to gain access to Barça power gave way to the first festival on the grass. This Barça will never reach the greatness or the titles of the team that had Laporta as president in its first stage, but the exuberance exhibited at Anoeta invites you to be optimistic for a future with two titles at stake: the Bowl, with the final on April 17 against Athletic, and a League that looked like a Utopia at the end of the year, when Barça did not even occupy a Champions League position.

It may interest you

The joy was complete for Koeman (58 years old), Sunrise (32) and Griezmann (30), who celebrated their anniversary this Sunday with a goal tribute. “Is he most beautiful gift that they could give me. Effectiveness was key. It is a demonstration that we are going for everything. There is not only the Athletic, there is also the Madrid. It will be exciting until the last game, “reflected the Dutch coach.

«Sometimes it is difficult for us to score but today we played a great game. With this image we can win everything we have left, “added the Frenchman, who joked with the triple birthday: «He will have to pay the coach a round, we deserve it».

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