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First royal wedding in Athens in more than half a century with the liaison of Prince Filippos

First royal wedding in Athens for more than half a century.

Although Greece is now a republic, Prince Filippos, the youngest son of the last Hellenic monarch, chose the Greek capital to celebrate his religious wedding to Nina Flohr, a wealthy Swiss heir to a private jet company.

The couple had already married civilly last December, in the exclusive Swiss ski resort of Saint-Moritz, and with few guests due to the pandemic.

To marry her prince at the altar, Nina Flohr, she once again trusted the Chanel brand. She crowned her outfit with the delicate Antique Corsage tiara, just as her sisters-in-law did at their respective weddings. It is an elegant piece created for Queen Victoria of Sweden, inherited by Ingrid of Denmark, the bride’s grandmother.

Big standing ovation for ex-king Constantine

The great ovation went to the ex-king Constantino of Greece, 81 years old and in a wheelchair, who together with his wife Ana María, born princess of Denmark, has been able to return to live in Greece in 2013, after more than four decades in exile.

The ceremony in the Orthodox cathedral of Athens was also attended by Queen Sofia of Spain, with her sister Irene, both born princesses of Greece and aunts of the groom and received with cheers by the onlookers gathered. Also present was the Infanta Elena, Filippos’s cousin and one of his baptismal godmothers.

Precisely in the Athenian cathedral the kings Sofía and Juan Carlos were also married by the Orthodox rite in 1962. The emeritus was not present at the ceremony, nor were Kings Felipe VI and Letizia, nor their daughters, Princess Leonor and Infanta Sofía, who were at the delivery of the 2021 Exemplary People Award, nor Infanta Cristina.

Among the young ‘royals’ stood out the princesses Beatriz and Eugenia, granddaughters of Queen Elizabeth II of England. It should be remembered that the groom was born in London, where his parents lived in exile, and had the late Lady Di as one of his godmothers.

Prince Paul, the groom’s elder brother, and heir to the dynastic rights of the Greek crown, also took advantage of the ceremony to take the pulse of his popularity by posing with his wife and five children at the gates of the cathedral.

The other three brothers of the groom were also present: Alexia with her husband, the Spanish architect Carlos Morales, Nicolás and his wife Tatiana, who also married in Greece but on the island of Spetses and Teodora, whose liaison with the American lawyer Matthew J Kumar is expected soon, although it is not yet dated and was postponed due to the pandemic.

This Saturday was the first marriage of a member of the Greek royal family to be held in Athens since that of Constantine and Ana María in 1964, who just three years after the happy event had to go into exile from the country and, in 1974, leave the throne following the referendum that abolished the monarchy in the Hellenic state when 69% of the population opted for a parliamentary republic.

A ‘Great Greek Wedding’ Announced in Ithaca

And it was a really a ‘Great Greek Wedding’ with three days of celebrations. The festivities began on Friday night, with a gala party at Lake Vouliagmeni, a privileged location south of Athens; Saturday’s wedding banquet was held at the National Gymnastics Club, in the National Gardens and surrounded by some of the most emblematic monuments of Athens; and they concluded this Sunday, when the groom’s father presented the royal guests with a meal at the Piraeus Yacht Club.

35-year-old Filippos from Greece and 34-year-old Nina Flohr have been together since 2018 and got engaged in early summer 2020 on the mythical Greek island of Ithaca, in the Ionian, with their closest family.

The youngest of the Grecians, he received a degree in International Relations from Georgetown University, Washington. He currently works in Manhattan as an analyst in a company that manages investment funds, like his brother Pablo.

For her part, the Swiss heiress resides between the United States and the London neighborhood of Notting Hill, from where she works as creative director of the family business and founder of a luxury hotel in Mozambique, which includes a 300-hectare nature reserve with forests, dunes and impressive beaches.

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