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FIU: Treasury freezes accounts of Andrés Roemer’s wife and associations of the City of Ideas

Andrés Roemer, during a Latino leaders event in Napa, California, in June 2014.
Andrés Roemer, during a Latino leaders event in Napa, California, in June 2014.Michael Macor / San Francisco Chronicle via Gett

The Ministry of Finance tries to tighten the siege against the communicator Andrés Roemer, accused of rape and a refugee in Israel, by freezing his accounts and those of his wife, as well as some related to the City of Ideas, the festival youth of talents of which he is founder. The Financial Intelligence Unit (UIF) proceeds on this occasion against the money in the name of the wife, Carmen María Hernández Cortés, and against the Associations Civic Power and Development of Cynosura Projects, in an attempt to stifle the financial solvency of the professor and former diplomat . Roemer is still in Israel, where people accused of different crimes and wanted by the courts, both Mexican and from other countries, find shelter. Mexico does not have an extradition treaty with that country. However, he has already been ordered to remove his name from a street in Ramat Gan, with which Roemer was awarded favors to Israel in his time as a Mexican diplomat.

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As Roemer makes his life away from Mexico, the gestures with which he tries to get him to return to his country accumulate, where he has two pending rape cases and numerous accusations of sexual harassment and abuse. The communicator was seen on the public target last February, when the dancer Itzel Schnaas published a video in which she recounted the touching she was subjected to at the home of the also writer. The testimony gave way to dozens of accusations, up to 60 women declared themselves victims of the same behavior: promises of work and success that began and ended in the same place, the basement of the house, which Roemer had turned into the place where he unburdened his sexual urges. The Prosecutor’s Office has several folders open to prosecute the aggressor.

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But it will not be easy for Roemer to get caught, a refugee as he is in Israel, a country with which he has strong ties due to his Jewish origin. In the past he was a diplomat and acted in favor of Israel and against the mandate of the Mexican Foreign Ministry, for which he was fired. With or without judgment, what he can no longer escape is public outcry. Since the abuses became known, his prestige was collapsing. International scientists linked to the City of Ideas left the project. Unesco spoke in the same direction, for which reason the professor ceased to be a Goodwill ambassador for the international organization. His program on a TV Azteca channel, the Salinas Pliego television station, his partner in the City of Ideas, stopped broadcasting. Nobody wanted to associate with Roemer anymore.

The justice later issued a search warrant against him, to be prosecuted for rape and informed Interpol. Known that he was in Israel, the victims wrote a letter to the ambassador of that country in Mexico, warning of the danger that women ran there. The diplomat promised to inform the authorities. For now, only the economic resource remains, that is, the freezing of the accounts that allow him to live abroad. The FIU tightens the knot.

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