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Five films compete for the Special Award in the Feroz

Ten films compete for the Special Award at the Feroz Awards.

Ten films compete for the Special Award at the Feroz Awards.
Feroz Awards

Feature films ‘Blanco en blanco’, ‘Lúa vermella’, ‘My Mexican Bretzel’, ‘El plan’ and ‘The queen of the lizards’ They will compete this year for the Feroz Special Award, which recognizes a film that would have deserved better luck in its commercial career.

Likewise, ‘A media voz’, ‘The year of discovery’, ‘Courtroom 3H’, ‘Dear Werner (Walking on Cinema)’ and ‘The challenge: ETA’ will compete for the best documentary, in a particularly fruitful year for feature films of this genre.

Both awards are awarded with the aim of giving these two categories greater notoriety and recognition of the films selected.

The winner of each of the awards will be announced, along with the rest of the awards, during the gala to be held on February 8 in Alcobendas (Madrid).

The films selected as candidates for the Special Award are ‘Blanco en blanco’, directed by Théo Court and produced by José Alayón, Marina Alberti (El Viaje Films); ‘Lúa vermella’, directed by Lois Patiño and produced by Felipe Lage Coro and Iván Patiño (Zeitun Films and Amanita Studio); and ‘My Mexican Bretzel’, directed by Nuria Giménez Lorang and produced by the director herself along with María Zamora, Stefan Schmitz (Bretzel & Tequila and Avalon PC).

In addition to ‘The plan’, directed by Polo Menárguez and produced by Nacho La Casa and Capitán Araña; and ‘The queen of the lizards’, directed by Burnin ‘Percebes (Juan González and Fernando Martínez) and produced by Pedro Hernández Santos and Here and There Films.

The selected documentaries are ‘To half voice’, directed by Heidi Hassan and Patricia Pérez, and produced by Daniel Froiz, Delphine Schmit, Claudia Calviño, Piérre André Thiébaut (Matriuska Producciones, Perspective Films, Producciones De La 5ta Avenida and Pct Producciones); ‘The year of discovery’, directed by Luis López Carrasco and produced by Luis Ferrón, Luis López Carrasco, Javier Fernández, LaCima Producciones and Alina Film; and ‘Courtroom 3H’, directed by Antonio Méndez Esparza and produced by Pedro Hernández Santos, Álvaro Portanet Hernández, Amadeo Hernández Bueno, and Here and There Films.

They complete the list ‘Dear Werner (Walking on Cinema)’, directed by Pablo Maqueda and produced by Haizea G. Viana (Llanero Films); and ‘The challenge: ETA’, directed by Hugo Stuven and produced by Luis Velo and Guillermo Gómez (Atar Producciones Agreements).

Following this announcement, the feature film ‘The year of discovery’ and his director, Luis López Carrasco, accumulate 4 nominations for the Feroz Awards by adding the one for best documentary to those previously announced: best film drama (produced by López Carrasco with Luis Ferrón and Javier Fernández), best direction and best screenplay (by López Carrasco himself with Raúl Liarte).

In the same way, two other titles add 2 nominations in this edition as they are now candidates for the Special Award: ‘The plan’, with which Chema del Barco already competed as the best actor cast a movie; and ‘The queen of the lizards’, which is in the running for the Feroz FlixOlé Award for the best poster (work by Alfredo Borés and Berta González).

Furthermore, it so happens that ‘The challenge: ETA’ becomes the first series to compete for the Feroz Award for best documentary since the creation of this category in 2017.


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