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Five fruit trees that you can plant at home

Five fruit trees that you can plant at home

Five fruit trees that you can plant at home

Do you want to enjoy freshly harvested fruit from the comfort of your living room, at no cost and completely pesticide free? You only need one big pot and some space to plant these fruit trees that we bring you next.

It is true that many of these trees they are usually large and leafy, but it is also true that there are small varieties that are ideal for decorating the house and enjoying its fruits.

1. Avocado

A food labeled by many as a vegetable because of the habit of including it in salads and sauces, but in reality it is a fruit rich in healthy fats and very easy to plant in a pot. You only need to add a little sand in the bottom of a large pot and fill it with soil. We can plant the seed but, in this case, it is better to buy a graft plant and place it in a very bright place in the house, if possible facing south and, to ensure pollination, it is better to have more than one.

3. Bananas

The dwarf plant of this fruit, in addition to being very decorative, produces perfect bananas without the need for a pollinator. Cavendish Super Dwarf and Red Dwarf varieties are ideal for home planting and only need one light soil to be paid monthly. Between waterings you must make sure that the land is completely dry and spray the leaves with water to simulate a humid climate if you live in a rather dry area. To finish, needs lots of indirect sunlight, so it is best to place it in a bright area facing south and turn the plant so that all the leaves get light.

2. Lemons and limes

With the seeds of these fruits you can manage to supply your home with lemons and limes for a long time. You just need to wash them, open them a little and bury them in a glass with soil. There are than to water them and put a paper on top of the glass. We wait 15 days and transplant it into a pot. Meyer lemon or Kaffir lime are two perfect mini varieties for growing indoors. With slightly acidic and marl-based soil (that is, 2: 2: 1 from sand to silt to clay), and with a suitably very bright and humid environment, which we can achieve by spraying the leaves of the tree with water, we will achieve perfect lemons at no cost.

4. You have to

The Everbearing Dwarf is a perfect dwarf mulberry to grow indoors and thus achieve its sweet and healthy fruits very similar to the blackberries of the blackberry are harvested in late summer. With common potting soil and a large pot you will achieve a splendid plant for decoration and, if you are constant in the irrigationor, also some sweet blackberries at the end of the summer after receiving a lot of light from spring to autumn.

5. Cerezo

This fruit tree is one of the most colorful and popular since in spring blooms with beautiful white and pink flowers, very popular in Japan, where there is even a celebration dedicated to the flowering of these trees called ‘hanami’. Cold weather is perfect for them, so the ideal is plant your seeds in fall so that they germinate after washing them very well. They will take at least two years to bear fruit, so if you don’t have patience, you can choose to buy a tree at least that age, always opting for a self-pollinated variety.

To emulate its natural state, we need 15 centimeters of moistened peat in a container and place the seeds separated between them 2 cm. We cover them with a second layer of peat and the we put in the fridge between 0 and 5 CÂș for at least two months, controlling the humidity of the earth. After that time, we plant them in a large pot with well-drained soil and limestone. In autumn we can and we pay to prepare them for the cold winter. If we achieve a cold weather and lots of sun we will get some great natural cherries free of pesticides.

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