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Five graphs and maps to understand the results of the elections in Andalusia



A clear winner has emerged from the Andalusian elections. Juanma Moreno has clearly prevailed over the rest of the forces, reaching an absolute majority that will allow him to govern alone for the next four years. The PP candidate has reached 58 seats, 28 more than the PSOE with John Swords to the head.

For its part, Vox has become the third force in the region, although it has not met the expectations that placed it as the key to forming a government. For Andalucía and Adelante Andalucía they have obtained 5 and 2 seats respectively. Undoubtedly, one of the great losers of these elections has been Ciudadanos, which has disappeared from the Andalusian political scene.

Triumph in the Andalusian street

A revealing fact of the triumph of the popular in Andalusia are their victories street by street.

It has won in all the provincial capitals and has snatched Seville, Malaga and Huelva from the Andalusian PSOE, as well as the socialist bastion of Two sisters. In addition, the PSOE has not retained first place in any provincial capital compared to the last elections of 2018.

Vote Percentage

The vote, municipality by municipality

The map of the Andalusian vote has clearly gone from red to blue. Juanma Moreno’s candidacy has won in 564 localities of the 784 municipalities. Which means imposing itself in 455 more than four years ago, when it was the most voted formation in 109 municipalities. By contrast, Juan Espadas has won in 206 locations. They are 409 less than in the 2018 elections, with Susana Díaz as a candidate, when it was the most voted party in 615 municipalities.

Vote Percentage

Socialism has perished in the big cities, since it has not won in any with more than one hundred thousand inhabitants. More significant is the collapse of Ciudadanos at the municipal level, since it has not managed to reach 5% of the votes in any provincial capital or city.

Vox, for its part, has not been the most voted formation in any municipality. For Andalusia, with Inmaculada Nieto, she has achieved her best percentage of votes in Córdoba, with 10%. While Adelante Andalucía, by Teresa Rodríguez, has been the group with the most votes in 12 municipalities.

The ‘humble’ vote, for the PP

Until now, the rural world and humble areas have been associated with voting for the left. But the Andalusian elections have reversed this trend. Juanma Moreno has been the most voted candidate in the towns and cities with the lowest incomes, with a 38% compared to 31% of the PSOE. Although more convincing is Moreno’s victory where incomes are higher: 49% against 17% socialist. Vox has come very close to surpassing the PSOE in the areas with the highest income, reaching 14% of the votes.

It is in these humble towns where the formations furthest to the left, Por Andalucía and Adelante Andalucía, have hardly been relevant, obtaining 8% and 4% of the vote, respectively.

The end of the socialist bastions

The PSOE no longer has any Andalusian fiefdom. This follows from the results of 19-J. He hasn’t even kept Two Sisters, where he seemed invincible. In 2018 he won in all provinces, except in Almería. Its best result among the provincial capitals has been Seville, below 25%, and the lowest, in Jaén, below 18%.

In fact, you have to go down to a population of less than 40,000 inhabitants to find the largest municipality where the PSOE has been the most voted party. It has happened in The corner placeIn sevilla.

The PP becomes strong in Malaga, where it has achieved the
highest percentage of votes
, 47%. Even in difficult places such as the one from Cadiz, it has come out the winner, with 42%. Its best result among the provincial capitals has been in Granada, Córdoba and Málaga, with more than 46%.

It was in areas with a high percentage of immigration where
he hoped to prevail. It hasn’t been like that in the end. Although it is true that she has achieved a high percentage of votes. This is the case of the province of Almeria, where the candidacy of Macarena Olona has obtained 20.7% of the votes. Among the provincial capitals, its best results have been in Almería. Among the rest of the cities with more than one hundred thousand inhabitants, its best result has been in Algeciras (Cádiz).

In the dispute over the right-wing vote, Vox has not collected more ballots than the PP in any municipality.

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