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Five ideas to organize your drawers and cabinets

Ikea Kitchens |  Systems to organize and make the most of space

Ikea Kitchens | Systems to organize and make the most of space

Whether you have one kitchen room big as a small, the theme of the organization it must be key to always having it neat and clean. One of the handicaps of all the kitchens is make the most of space. On many occasions, furniture in height tends to leave gaps and empty spaces that you can take advantage of and, in addition, it is very easy to do so.

Also to your drawers. If you put everything in an orderly way, you will discover that they fit much more things than you thought. But how to do it? It is very easy if you help yourself with these five articles of Ikea pretty and cheap so you can maximize the space in your kitchen.

Additional shelf

It is a classic of the Swedish giant. This shelf is made of white metal and you can easily assemble it at home thanks to its four screws. What is it for? Very easy, to make room for tall units. You can place any item under this shelf and other items on it. In this way you make the most of the space. Even if you have a very tall piece of furniture, you can place two shelves, one on top of the other.

It is called Variera and its price is three euros.

Ikea Kitchens | Save space with this closet shelf IKEA SPAIN

Lid organizer

We almost always have a messy drawer where we put our pots and pans in almost any way. Well that’s over. With the Variera tapas organizer (6 euros) you can have all the tapas in order and at hand.

Ikea Kitchens | Lid organizer IKEA SPAIN

Container holder

And if we talk about ordering in height, how about taking advantage of the shelves? With this holder for containers you will be able to take advantage of the spaces that are under this furniture in a beautiful and original way. Two supports are priced at 2.50 euros. If you also want to acquire the container, you have it for the same price. It is made of glass and serves as a tupper and as a baking tray.

Ikea Kitchens | Containers, on high IKEA SPAIN

Cutlery tray

What can not be missing in any kitchen is a tray to organize cutlery. With numerous spaces to arrange cutlery, its name is Stödja and it costs three euros.

Ikea Kitchens | This cutlery holder is essential to keep your drawers tidy IKEA SPAIN

The multipurpose trolley

And finally another Ikea classic. We have seen it in bathrooms, in baby rooms and, of course, in the kitchen. The Rashult trolley (29 euros) is a multifunctional piece that in your kitchen can be used to store fruit and / or vegetables), food jars or even to keep your cutting boards and dressings for meals organized. With its comfortable wheels you can take it and place it wherever you want.

Ikea Kitchens | Ikea’s most famous trolley also works in the kitchen IKEA SPAIN

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