Thursday, January 27

Five minors break the eardrum of a beating of a 14-year-old boy in Valencia

“He arrived scared to death. He was very scared. He asked us to please notify his mother and the police, and let him stay here until they picked him up. It is incredible that these things happen here, by our side … “. The one who speaks is the waiter of a bar on Doctor Olóriz street, in the Valencian neighborhood of Tormos, in La Saidïa, where he sought and found refuge last Monday a 14-year-old boy who was cornered, kicked and beaten until his eardrum ruptured by five other minors between the ages of 14 and 15 from a nearby neighborhood, after waiting for him outside his institute. The excuse, accusing him of “having something” with a girl that, apparently, one of the bullies liked.

The mother has already filed a complaint at the National Traffic Police station and has formally requested the transfer of the school. “I am very afraid that it will be repeated. One of those who have done this to my son is the same age and goes to the same high school. My son is still at home and this boy is going downtown. Today [por ayer] I have seen it when I went back to speak with the director “, explains the mother, who seeks, above all, “to protect my son.”

The center has suggested that the boy stay home this week, while he recovers, and that, on his return, if the change of center or the expulsion of the other student involved in the beating has not yet been resolved, they will do the same. possible to safeguard the little one. The director has even offered to let the boy stay with her the half hour between the students leaving and the teaching staff leaving – the mother is working – and accompanying them on the way home.

“I am grateful for the gesture, but it is not about that”, affirms the mother. He knows that it is a new victimization for his son, that he is the one who has been left out of the teaching activity at the moment and who will have to find another center to distance himself from the aggressors. Still, he believes that the most effective will be a transfer to another institute. “I don’t care if it’s concerted or publicWhat I don’t want is for him to be one of those from the innermost, “he points to Orriols.

“We are going to hit you at the exit”

The incident began on Monday, at patio time. The other high school student, who repeats 1st of ESO, “approached him and said that if he was dating a girl that he likes. My son replied that no, they are just friends, and the other replied that that was a lie and that he was going to find out. That he was going to call some friends and they were going to hit him on the way out. ”

The boy did not say anything to the teachers. “I asked him why he hadn’t asked for help at the time, and he said he didn’t think it was serious.” But it was.

As soon as he entered the doors of the institute, the student from the center and the other four, who are from a nearby neighborhood, surrounded him, grabbed him by the arm and took him away by force. The boy didn’t even try to object “because he recognized one of them, who everyone knows always carries a knife”. They took him to the park in front of his institute and there they surrounded him and kicked and punched her all over her body, including her head. A man who saw the scene yelled at the attackers, who ran off.

Later, two classmates from the institute who saw what happened, picked him up and took him by an alternative route to his home. However, when he was crossing a clearing he saw two of the attackers, who had followed him, so He ran out so that they would not catch up with him, being chased at the run by the other two.

The minor happened to enter a bar, where, scared and on the verge of tears, he asked for help. The owner of the establishment invited him to sit at one of the tables and calm down, and He called the police and the child’s mother, who came right away and took care of him.

The boy was taken to a hospital, where doctors have diagnosed him with a cleft eardrum in his right ear. After spending the whole night in hospital, on Wednesday he was discharged. “If the fissure has not closed in 15 days, the doctors consider an intervention. Let’s hope we don’t have to get there “, the mother ventures.

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