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Five reasons not to miss Nomadland, an Oscar movie

Thursday, March 25, 2021 – 01:23

Frances McDormand stars Nomadland, a six-Oscar-nominated road movie that opens on March 26. We analyze why it is one of the best feature films that can be seen in theaters

With their six Oscar nominations (which includes Best Picture, Direction and Actress), Nomadland appears as one of the great favorites to triumph on April 25 at the Academy Awards of Hollywood. Praised by the critics, here are five reasons not to miss it


He has two Oscars (for Fargo and by Three advertisements on the outskirts) and very badly he has to be given so that he does not take the third for Nomadland. Frances McDormand is the epicenter about which this film revolves. Beyond his dialogues, his silences shape a nuanced performance that leads us to empathize with the self-imposed loneliness of Fern, his character. She is a woman from Empire (Nevada) who, after her husband died and was unemployed, gets in a van to earn a living from temporary jobs.

Fern (Frances McDormand) y Dave (David Strathairn).
Fern (Frances McDormand) y Dave (David Strathairn).

McDormand, as the producer of the film (a task that could give another statuette, the Best Film), can be satisfied to have been the main driver of merit of this project. The other nominations received by Nomadland are those of Best Adapted Screenplay, Direction, Photography and Editing. At the Venice Film Festival she was awarded the Golden Lion for Best Film and took the Golden Globe for Best Dramatic Film and Best Direction … among other 200 awards received so far.


The modern nomads that reflects this drama make up an American phenomenon that, in Europe, is difficult to understand. Jessica Bruder told it in her book Nomadland: Surviving America in the Twenty-First Century, a best seller of 2017. The filmmaker Chlo Zhao was contacted by McDormand to take the novel to the movies.

Joshua James Richards firm the photographer
Joshua James Richards signs the film’s photographer.

After having signed The Rider, Zhao, a filmmaker born in Beijing, became the best choice when it came to showing a reality alien to the vast majority but that has its origin in the brutal economic recession suffered in the US in 2008. It was then that thousands of unemployed people decided to leave everything behind and live their last days without a postal address in which to receive bills they could not afford. Whether it was looking for temporary work in companies that pay by the hour, restaurants or leisure spaces.


The Italian Ludovico Einaudi sign the soundtrack. The composer, creator of melodies that have been heard in films such as This Is England, Untouchable The The father, Oscar is not nominated for Nomadland. In fact, it has never been to a Hollywood Film Academy Award. But that is not an obstacle to highlighting her important role in a film full of scenes without dialogue, where the music underlines the different moments through which the protagonist passes.


Bob, Swankie, Linda, Patricia … In Nomadland many characters appear whose names coincide with that of their interpreters. The reason? What they are not professional actorsThey are royal nomads who live in caravans and have agreed to participate in this film. Next to them are David Strathairn and his son Tay, who play a father and son in fiction.

Dave (David Strathairn) is an
Dave (David Strathairn) is a nomad who matches Fern.

Tay Strathairn, by the way, has been briefly married to Grace Gummer, daughter of Meryl Streep herself. David Strathairn (L.A. Confidential, Good night, and good luck) interprets Dave, another nomad who crosses Fern’s path and that has a very prominent role in history.


In Nomadland everything flows with the same rhythm that live those who move by caravan from one place to another in the US. Slowly but surely. Let no one be fooled. It is not a documentary, but there are times when it seems like one.

Chlo Zhao (left), during filming.

The action is not fast-paced. It doesn’t need to be done, because many things happen and all of them are brilliantly collected by the camera of Chlo Zhao, supported by the photograph of Joshua James Richards.

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