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Five tips for caring for the money plant (plectranthus) in your home

Its scientific name is plectranthus although we all know her as the plant of money. With such a suggestive name, it should not be missing in any home. However, tradition dictates that you cannot buy it. If you want her to be effective in her powers They have to give it to you. Popular beliefs also state that if you take good care of her the money in your house. Legend or not, we are going to give you five simple tips so that take care of your money plant.

If this means economic prosperity in your home, phenomenal. If the money, at least you will enjoy a beautiful decorative plant healthy and shiny that will look great in any corner.

How to take care of the plectranthus

The plectranthus or money plant does not need some care very exhaustive so it will be easy for you to keep it in your home for a long time. You only have to take into account certain details so that you plant of money look precious for years.

  • Sunlight yes, but not direct. Place it in a bright place but where the sun’s rays cannot damage it.
  • Riégala once a week. It does not need a lot of water but you should check that the substrate is always kept moist.
  • Protected from the cold. Especially in winter, these vegetables should stay in a warm place in your home.
  • Put fertilizer. If you notice that its leaves begin to turn yellow, add fertilizer every 15 days. They will soon recover the intense and bright green that characterizes them.
  • Pay attention. If you see that their appearance is not what you would like change her place.
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Varieties of the money plant

The plectranthus It is part of the Labiadas family, also called Lamiáceas or Lamiales (Labiaceae). As can be seen with the naked eye, its leaves are reminiscent of those of the mint since they are first cousins. However, it has five quite well differentiated varieties: plectranthus coleoides, plectranthus argentatus, plectranthus coleoides marginata, plectranthus fructicosus y plectranthus nicolina. Each one has its own aesthetic characteristics, although its care is similar.

How to reproduce the money plant

If you are lucky and someone has decided to rielarte una plant of money so that you swim in abundance you should be generous with the rest of the humans and continue giving plectranthus and distributing wealth among your family and friends we are going to tell you a trick so that you can multiply your plant and distribute happiness among your relatives.

Too easy. You only need a glass with water and a sprig of your plant. Put the branch in the water and in a few days it will grow roots. It is time to transplant it into a pot and give it to someone. You are sure to make him very happy.

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