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Five tips to help you survive your vacation

Five tricks for your plants to survive your vacation

Five tricks for your plants to survive your vacation

Summer vacations are here and getaways to enjoy the family, to the beach or to the mountains are common. But what do we do with plants what do we have at home? It is the dilemma that we face with the arrival of the long-awaited holidays. If you don’t have a friend or relative who comes to water them at your house, don’t worry, we have a series of tips and tricks for your plants to survive in your absence.

Perform a series of preparation and conditioning tasks In the days before your holidays and on your return, you will notice the reward when you check that your plants they are still alive.

Prune and sanitize your plants before going on vacation

Five tricks for your plants to survive your vacation

Preparation is essential to ensure good subsequent results. In the case of plants it could not be less. Therefore, before going on vacation, dedicate a little time to them. Prune them, heal them as much as you can and, even, if necessary, change the earth.. Leave them as new and when you return from your vacation you will appreciate it. With these cares you will ensure that they can better endure your absence.

Put your plants away from direct sun

In summer the sun beats down hard and can burn our plants. Hence, it is essential that when we go on vacation we avoid leaving the plants in a place where the sun hits them directly. Find a place where you make sure that your plants will have good lighting, but away from the suffocating heat.

Put all your plants together

Another highly recommended trick for your plants to survive the holidays is to group them all in the same place. In this way, you will promote a Humid climate in which the air they breathe is healthier for them.

Five tricks for your plants to survive your vacation

A leaky plastic bottle

Fill in a plastic bottle of water and make several holes in its cap. Turn the bottle over and insert it into the soil in your pot. In this way, the earth will serve as a plug for the holes, through which the water will gradually escape. Take into account the size of your pot to choose the right bottle.

Container with water and cotton cords

Fill a large container with water and insert cotton cords into it, as many as pots you have to water. Place this container in a slightly higher place than your pots and insert one of the ends of the cotton cords into it. The other end of the cords will have to be buried in the soil of each of your plants. With this system, the water will pass through the cords from the container to the pots.


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