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Flamenco double at the National Dance Awards

The dancer Ana Morales. / INAEM

The “risky and brave search” of the Catalan dancer Ana Morales and the journey “between tradition and the avant-garde” of the Andalusian choreographer Andrés Marín stand out.

Michael Lorenci

Flamenco double at the National Dance Awards, which have gone to the dancer Ana Morales (Barcelona, ​​1982), in the Interpretation category, and to the choreographer and dancer Andrés Marín (Seville, 1969), in the Creation category. Awarded annually by the Ministry of Culture and Sports, through the National Institute of Performing Arts and Music (INAEM), the awards are endowed with 30,000 euros each.

Ana Morales is awarded “for her ability to create different universes in her interpretations”, in “a tireless personal, risky and brave search”. The jury highlighted “the organic nature of her movement, a feature that stands out in works such as ‘Sin permission’, ‘Cuerda floja’ and ‘Peculiar'”.

Andrés Marín is recognized for “his ability to move between tradition and the avant-garde”, with a “very personal” choreographic language, in dialogue with other disciplines that he naturally incorporates. The jury underlined “his great international projection” and the “experimentation and risk” of creations such as ‘Don Quixote’, The Perfect Vigil’, ‘Ravel Ecstasy’ and the recent ‘Yarin'”.


Ana Morales is one of the highest representatives of the so-called “revolutionaries” of flamenco. She trained at the Barcelona conservatory, she moved to Seville at the age of 16, she received a scholarship from the Andalusian Dance Company of José Antonio Ruiz. She was a student of flamenco masters such as Rafael Campallo, Alejandro Granados, Juana Amaya, Eva Yerbabuena, Isabel Bayón and Andrés Marín.

With the Andalusian Dance Company he has toured national and international theaters and festivals. As a soloist, she was linked to the Andalusian Flamenco Ballet, to the Andrés Marín and Javier Latorre companies and to tablaos in Seville -Los Gallos, La Casa de la Memoria-, and Barcelona -El Cordobés- and Madrid -Casa Patas-.

As a creator, she has signed shows such as ‘Without permission’, ‘Songs for silence’, ‘On the loose rope’, ‘A slow look’, ‘The lost steps’ or ‘Bagatelas’. She collaborated on the film ‘Iberia, by Carlos Saura and has worked alongside artists such as Belén Maya, Esperanza Fernández and Gonzalo Rubalcaba, among others.


Andrés Marín is one of the most unique dancers and choreographers in current flamenco and a renovator of the genre. Son of bailaor Andrés Marín and cantaora Isabel Vargas, he sucked the duende. He started dancing at his father’s school and became fond of cante, of which he is a deep connoisseur. Self-taught, independence marks his trajectory.

The choreographer and dancer Andrés Marín. /


Soloist and choreographer since 1992, he founded his own company in 2002, with which he signed more than a dozen shows, such as ‘Beyond time’, ‘Asimetries’, ‘The dawn of the last day’, ‘Vanguardia Jonda’, ‘ The sky of your mouth’, ‘Passion depending on how you look at it’, ‘Op.24’, ‘Tuétano’, ‘Ad Libitum’, ‘Yatra’, ‘Carta Blanca’, ‘D. Quixote’, ‘The perfect vigil’ and ‘Ravel Ecstasy’.

He has collaborated with plastic artists Pilar Albarracín and José Miguel Pereñíguez; with the experimental composer Llorenç Barber; with the director of the gypsy musical and equestrian theater in Paris, Bartabas; with the hip-hop dancer and director of the National Choreographic Center of La Rochelle, Kader Attou, or with the Trio Arbós and the Ensemble Divana. He combines his artistic activity with the direction of Andrés Marín Flamenco Abierto, a production office and dance studio based in Seville.

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