Thursday, April 11

Flooding in Kentucky causes 3 deaths, widespread damage

At least three people were confirmed dead Thursday after heavy rains caused massive flooding across Eastern Kentucky, leaving people stranded on rooftops and others without power or water as forecasts call for even more rain.

Kentucky Gov. Andy Beshear said he expects deaths to rise to double digits, calling it one of “the worst, most devastating flooding events” in state history. He said forecasted rain means the impacts could worsen. “This isn’t just a disaster, it’s an ongoing natural disaster,” Beshear added.

More rain is forecast Thursday evening and Friday and Beshear said that it could hinder both rescue efforts and work to restore power and water in some areas.

“We probably have not seen the worst of it,” Beshear said. “Sadly, we believe that we will lose Kentuckians and a lot of Kentuckians will probably lose most of what they have.”

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