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Floorplan Applications – Everything You Need to Know

Floor plan creator for Android is free, it allows users to create detailed 3D floor plans. The ground plan is a 2D scale drawing; indicates the layout of the room, doors, windows and the location of the walls. The floor applications are now available in the floor plan applications and also in a web application. Architects create floor plans to design tools or to communicate those ideas to the builder. We start with the client’s schedule and budget when designing a building. We sketch the mass of the building to work for the site chosen by the clients.

Floor Palm applications for Android and IOS:

It is not a simple job to create a floor job or decorate the house. You spend a large amount and have a clear understanding of what you are doing. Even if you are a professional, you need several hours to draw and redraw, even if you are also a professional. Thanks to the growing ecosystem, if you have a smartphone, you can do just about anything. These apps can help you start and order.

The best applications of Floor PLAN:

  1. Foyr Neo
  2. Floor plan creator
  3. Graphite Floor Plans:
  4. Magic plans:
  5. Home Design 3D:
  6. 5D planner:

Foyr Neo is one of the best floor planning apps you can use for all-in-one floor plan software to draw 2D and 3D floor plans and acquire photorealistic 4K renderings in just a few minutes. For more features, check out your free 14-day trial.

Price: Provides 14-day free trial to test after trial period ends, costs $ 49 per month

This app is for you if you create precise and accurate floor plans. This application has almost all the functions you had to create a detailed floor application. You can get automatic calculations of perimeters, rooms, walls, etc. to create multi-story rooms in 3D. This app will give you a 3D tour of the complete floor plan, once you have completed the floor plan.


The floor plan is free and has advertisements. The professional plan costs around $ 10 and the basic plan around $ 5.

Grapholite Floor Plane has a feature rich app for creating floor plans on the fly, its floor plan is minimal and easy to use. It is used to create the 3D plane. Let’s create a floor plan the traditional way. It allows you to organize the space using virtual office tables and also other furniture items. It gives you a good idea of ​​how you can use the floor space effectively.


This application is free. You must upgrade to the Pro version through in-app purchase because the free app will not allow you to export the created plans.

It is one of the most popular planning apps for Android and IOS. It is the award-winning home planning app. You can create a soil app in the traditional way. It can show you the existing dimensions and add floor and walls. You can also add photos, furniture, and annotations to create suitable house plans. But if you need a professional-level app to create your home, this flooring app is good for you.


This application is free. You can also buy a one-deck plane at a time for $ 2.99 and subscribe to another service for $ 9.99 per month.

This application is for you if you are looking to redesign or remodel your home. This can create 2D and 3D floor plans from scratch. You can import images, duplicate your favorite things and textures, edit objects, etc. It syncs them with your favorite services like Google Drive and Dropbox.


The Home Design 3D app is also free. But in the free version, you cannot export your plans. Three plans are;

Classic version: $ 0.99

Gold plus: $ 10

Gold more: $ 20

It is similar to 3D Home design, but you can create floor plans in both 2D and 3D. That is why the developers named the app 5D. You can virtually decorate your home to better plan and organize furniture. Whenever you want, you can also export your creations or sync to the cloud.


This application is free. Some functions also export, synchronize, the furniture objects locked in the free version. To unlock those advanced features, you need to make in-app purchases.

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