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Florentine, stalked by the three Vampires



Javier Tebas, president of La Liga; Jaume Roures, sole administrator of Mediapro; Aleksander Ceferin, President of UEFA. They are the Three Vampires of European football and they have only one goal: to vampirize, control the business and the power of football for the next 50 years. They have a common enemy: Florentino Pérez, president of Real Madrid. And a shared strategy: isolate him until he is alone and has no choice but to give up.

The Three Vampires have counted on the Government as an ally in their first tactical move, which has consisted of eliminating from the Sports Law the requirement that the presidents of clubs that are not sports limited companies have to guarantee 15% of the budget of the club.

In this way, the main inconvenience for many more candidates to run for the presidency of Real Madrid diminishes, at least from a legal point of view; on the other, Joan Laporta, president of Fútbol Club Barcelona, ​​no longer needs his guarantors to continue, including José Elías. In this sense, it is relevant to remember that the person who breaks the original alliance between Tebas, Roures and Laporta, to accept the CVC credit and thus be able to renew Messi, is precisely José Elías, convinced by the CEO of Barça, Ferran Reverter, that the The operation only increased the entity’s already exaggerated debt. Elías, through his man on the board, the economic vice president, Eduard Romeu, threatened Laporta with withdrawing his endorsement if he signed the loan with the British fund. And that was how, overnight, Laporta announced that he would not be able to renew his star and staged at the Botafumeiro restaurant in Barcelona, ​​with Florentino and the owner of Juve, Andrea Agnelli, his commitment to the Super League. It is a quality detail that the one who convinced the CEO of Barça that CVC was a tricky and draconian operation was the president of Real Madrid.

Once the need to guarantee disappeared, José Elías has announced that he was withdrawing his money five minutes before Laporta kicked him out. Jan apparently continues to be Florentino’s main ally, but without the pressure of guarantees or guarantors. And with the more or less unlimited credit from the Jewish investment bank, Goldman Sachs, which is going to stay in the club in less than four years, is negotiating with everyone at the same time while Tebas, Ceferin and Roures are making every facility available to the president. Barcelona to leave Florentino and return to the July alliance with the Three Vampires, which the president of Real Madrid was able to undo in injury time.

Florentino Pérez is stronger, smarter and has a better idea than the Three Vampires taken one by one, and above all more interesting economically and politically for Barcelona and Real Madrid. But the Three Vampires united, with the support of the small and deficit clubs, who need to take advantage of the income generated by the two big clubs to survive, can achieve the great achievement of their shared strategy – isolating Florentino – if Jan abandons him in his nervousness, in his anguish over how the team and the stadium fall to weight, while Madrid rides through Europe and the Bernabéu is about to debut as the most important urban equipment in Spain.

If Florentino was left alone -without the support of Barcelona-, his great Superliga project would be left without much travel and although being the president of Real Madrid and ACS is more important than being the president of LaLiga, UEFA and Mediapro -all together – It is no less true that he would have lost his pulse to design the European football business for the next few years, while Ceferin, Tebas and Roures, driven by the ragged, would have total power. Of course, at the price that Barça and Madrid lost any real possibility of competing with the clubs owned by the oil sheiks with more millions in their pockets than it would take to sign all the players in the world. And their children.

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