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Florida asks universities to register political opinions of students and professors: they could lose government funds if they do not satisfy the state

There are concerns about the lack of details about the privacy of the survey and about how this data will be used.

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The state of Florida will ask public universities to survey faculty and students about their political viewsAnd these educational institutions could lose their funding if the responses from the university community do not satisfy the state legislature, which is currently led by Republicans.

The project, the only one of its kind in the country, was included in a law signed this week by Republican Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis and is part of a right-wing effort to promote intellectual diversity on college campuses, they said. The authorities. And it is that they think that currently a leftist ideology is being promoted in the universities.

However, there are concerns about the lack of details about the privacy of the survey and about how this data will be used.

According to the wording of the bill, survey responses will not necessarily be anonymous, which raises concern among many professors and other university personnel, as they feel that they can be attacked, slowed down in their careers or even fired for their opinions.

According to the bill’s promoter, State Senator Ray Rodrigues, teachers will not be promoted or fired based on their responses. However, the bill itself does not support these claims, according to the Salon portal.

A passage in the bill says that its purpose is to discover the extent to which different ideas and perspectives are presented in public universities, and whether students feel free to express beliefs and points of view on campus and in the classroom.

“A college campus was thought to be a place where you would be exposed to many different ideas. Unfortunately, now the norm is that these are more intellectually repressive environments. There are orthodoxies that are promoted and other points of view are rejected or even suppressed, ”DeSantis said at a press conference after the bill was signed.

And it is that Republicans have long argued that universities promote leftist ideologies and discriminate against conservative students and teacherss.

Although the bill does not specify what the survey results will be used for, both DeSantis and Rodrigues suggested that the state could implement budget cuts if college students and staff do not respond to their satisfaction.

When pressured by the reporters who were at the signing of the law, the governor was unable to offer any specific examples of the alleged repression and discrimination that conservative students faceHe simply said that he knows many parents who worry about their children being indoctrinated on student campuses.

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