Tuesday, October 3

Florida considers withdrawing Disney’s special tax regime after its criticism of the ‘Don’t say gay’ law

The Republican Governor of Florida, Ron DeSantis, has asked his colleagues on Tuesday to study the possibility of withdrawing from Disney the special regime that allows the company to act as a kind of local government, which includes its own taxation, for his criticism of the law known asdon’t say gay‘, which prohibits talking about sexual diversity in primary schools.

This tax regime, which dates back to 1967, has in particular allowed the company saves hundreds of millions of taxes. Through the so-called Reedy Creek Improvement District –on the borders of Orange and Osceola– Disney was allowed to be responsible for establishing and maintaining municipal services and not the taxpayers of these two counties.

However, DeSantis has indicated this Tuesday that the Florida Congress -with a Republican majority- will vote this week on the possibility of ending all these special districts that were enacted in the state before 1968, “including the Reedy Creek Improvement District “.

Republicans and Democrats in both chambers have recognized that the governor’s initiative is part of a revenge against Disneyafter the company publicly showed its rejection of this controversial law that prohibits talking about sexual diversity in state schools.

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For some Democrats, these actions are nothing more than mere ways to distract the population from the real problems. “We should be fixing property insurance, but instead we’re in a fight with Disney, said Congressman Dan Daley, who advocates ways of relating other than revenge.


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