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Florida family could be fined $ 1,000 for putting up holiday decorations before Thanksgiving

A neighbor complained about the family Christmas lights. (image for illustrative purposes only).

Michelle_Raponi / Pixabay

A family could be fined $ 1,000 all for putting up their Christmas decorations too early. The Moffa family of Westchase, Florida, decided to pay a group of decorating professionals to decorate their home this year, seeking to give their home a more elegant and higher quality festive look.

However, the group of decorators were fully occupied in the period closest to Christmas, so the family had to install them a little earlier, on November 6.

Michael Moffa, the father of the family, said: “We actually booked this year from last year. November 6 was the date I had, so we did it ”.

“If you look at the lights, it’s not atrocious, is it? And when they are on they look very good and the children enjoy it and it puts a smile on their faces ”.

The gutters of the house were decorated with red and white lights and its trees were covered with more festive lights.

In the back of the house, the family even has a Christmas polar bear and two Christmas trees.

But even though the family is delighted with the result, the Westchase Community Association has said the decorations were put up early.

On November 8, just 48 hours after the staging of the festive display, they received a letter from the housing association saying they had decorated too early.

The association claimed that Christmas decorations weren’t allowed until after Thanksgiving., and that, therefore, the family would be fined $ 100 each day for the violation. That is, it would be a total of $ 1,000.

The letter upset the local community, after Chelsea Moffa, the mother of the family, posted the whole thing on Facebook.

“We honestly never thought it would turn into what happened, but I’m thankful they did because I feel like they just brought everyone across the country together,” Chelsea said, according to the Mirror newspaper.

A lawyer for the association said the notice was only issued because a neighbor complained about the lights.

They added that before the fine can be imposed, a vote must be held.

However, the Moffa’s hope they can change the rules in time for next Christmas. “I understand that there are guidelines, but this is too extreme,” said Michael Moffa.

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