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Florida governor criticised after he scolds students for wearing masks at press conference. Viral video

A visibly annoyed Florida governor Ron DeSantis reprimanded a group of students for wearing masks during an indoor press conference at the University of South Florida in Tampa. The incident, which took place on Wednesday, ensued a debate online.

Just before his speech, he greeted the students telling, “You don’t have to wear those masks. I mean, please take them off.”

DeSantis, who seemed pretty annoyed, said, “Honestly, it’s not doing anything. We’ve got to stop with this Covid theatre. If you wanna wear it, fine, but this is ridiculous.” While a few students removed their masks immediately after DeSantis’s comments, others kept wearing them.

The video, shared by Evan Donovan, political reporter for WFLA, quickly went viral. The video currently has 11 million views.

After the video went viral, the school board for the students also released a statement.

When a student who was present at the conference was asked if he felt some kind of pressure from the governor to remove his mask, this is what he said, “A little”.

DeSantis, who is a fierce opponent of virus mask and vaccine mandates, was criticised on social media after the video went viral. “These are MINORS! @GovRonDeSantis bullying kids about protecting themselves during a deadly pandemic is one of the most disgusting things I’ve ever witnessed. Shameful. Your own wife has cancer—don’t you care about endangering others (sic),” a user wrote.

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Ron DeSantis is yet to comment on this issue.

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