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Florida Governor Ron DeSantis’ Plan to Honor Rush Limbaugh Draws Criticism | Rush Limbaugh

Florida Republican Gov. Ron DeSantis has said flags in the state will fly at half mast for Rush Limbaugh, the far-right radio host who died this week at age 70.

The decision met with opposition.

Gary Farmer, Democratic Minority Leader in the Florida Senate, saying: “Any move to lower our flag in deference to a man who helped fuel hatred and inflame prejudice against marginalized groups, people of color, women and anyone who did not look like him or think like him is wrong and should be rescinded.

“This is not who we are. This is not what we want to be. “

But DeSantis, a controversial governor known to some as a “mini-Trump” and believed to have presidential ambitions, called Limbaugh a friend.

Appearing with James Golden, longtime producer of the main “shock jock,” the governor told reporters: “When there are things of this magnitude, once the date of Rush’s burial is announced, we will lower the flags to half mast.

Limbaugh stoked fury among liberals for years. In 2004, former Saturday Night Live cast member and Senator from Minnesota Al Franken wrote a best-selling book called Rush Limbaugh is a big jerk.

Golden called him “a second generation founding father.”

“The seeds that he planted,” he said, “are going to sprout in America and continue to grow for generations and generations to come, and America is going to be great again, not just because of Rush, [but] because men like it – and women – but men like this governor. “

Limbaugh lived in Florida. He died on Wednesday, just over a year after revealing he had lung cancer. Plans for the funeral were not immediately announced. Conservatives mourned him a lot.

But Limbaugh’s Guardian obituary said he “set the tone for the political era of the Internet, calling women’s rights activists ‘feminazis,’ referring to HIV / AIDS as ‘Rock Hudson’s disease,’ and stating that the ‘crazy environmentalists’ were’ a group of scientists organized around a political position ”.

“He argued that the existence of gorillas disproved evolution, characterized both the Deepwater Horizon oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico (2010) and the mosque shootings in Christchurch, New Zealand (2019) as ‘false flag’ operations organized by leftists, and accused Virginia Governor Terry McAuliffe of allowing the 2017 Charlottesville riots to worsen to further his presidential ambitions.

“’Have you ever noticed how compound sketches of criminals always look [the black activist] Jesse Jackson? I ask.”

In February 2020, the day after Limbaugh announced his cancer diagnosis, Donald Trump presented him with the highest American civilian honor, the Presidential Medal of Freedom.

A month later, when the coronavirus pandemic began, Limbaugh told listeners that it was simply a “common cold” that the left was “arming” against Trump.

He also said, in response to Pete Buttigieg’s strong showing in the Democratic primary, that “despite all the great awakening and despite all the great ground that has been covered … America is not yet ready to elect a ‘gay boy kissing his husband on stage of debate.’ ” president. “

Buttigieg responded: “America has moved on and we should have a policy of belonging that welcomes everyone … It saddens me what the Republican Party has become if they adopt that kind of homophobic rhetoric.”

Buttigieg is now secretary of transportation in the Biden administration.

In his statement Friday, Farmer, the state senator, said DeSantis’s decision to lower the Limbaugh flags had “transformed this distinction into a partisan political tool to salute a man who served no interests other than his own and did everything possible to deeply divide the country along political dividing lines. “

DeSantis has previously ordered the flags to be at half mast to honor law enforcement officers killed on duty, members of the U.S. Navy killed in a mass shooting in Pensacola, and the liberal supreme court judge. Ruth Bader Ginsburg, among others.

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