Wednesday, December 8

Florida man who had an affair with his girlfriend’s daughter is accused of killing her and throwing her off the bridge

The man could face a jail sentence if convicted of the charges.


Eric Westergard, charged in Florida for the murder of Perrin Damron, his girlfriend’s daughter, alleged to investigators that found the girl unconscious on Saturday near her pool and with head injuries.

In an interview from his home in Jupiter Farms with agents from the Palm Beach County Sheriff’s Office (PBSO) the next day, the suspect argued that the 23-year-old victim stopped breathing, and that, after waiting 10 minutes, wrapped her body in 65 gallon bags, ropes and duct tape, overloaded them with blocks and threw body over a bridge near Indiantown.

Westergard, 45, revealed to authorities that I was romantically involved with Damron, despite the fact that he was officially her mother’s boyfriend.

The man’s version of Damron’s death did not completely convince the authorities, as the evidence collected on his property does not match the explanation of the young woman who cut her head.

The researchers questioned that the subject at no time tried to take the woman to the hospital or to receive medical attention.

“At no time did Westergard attempt to seek medical attention for Damron even though he had his cell phone,” says a police report cited by The Palm Beach Poast. “The only effort Westergard made was to try to conceal Damron’s discovery and hide the evidence of the crime from the authorities,” the document added.

Damron was reported missing on Saturday night when he was unable to pick up his son from the biological father.

Telephone records showed that his last location was at Westergard’s home in the city of Jupiter.

Suspect gave conflicting accounts of Damron’s death

Before his arrest, Westergard gave authorities conflicting accounts of his time with Damron, according to PBSO.

Initially, the suspect indicated that he told the victim’s mother over the phone that he left Damron at her home late Friday and left the space. Later, he told the woman that he was drugged when he took the girl home and was not sure of the chronology of the events.

Investigators were told by Westergard that he accompanied Damron to a doctor’s appointment Friday afternoon and then took her home when the father of the woman’s son picked up the boy.

The defendant added that they returned to the victim’s home shortly before 12:30 am on Saturday, and then, about an hour later, he returned to his home in Jupiter Farms. At that time, the man told authorities that he was unaware of Damron’s disappearance until her mother called him that night.

Officers stumbled upon Westergard working on his vehicle behind Duffy’s Sports Grill on Indiantown Road near Interstate 95.

When questioned about blood stains on his car, the individual said he had an incident without giving further details.

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