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Florida shooting anticipates violent summer, police say

Three people armed with assault rifles fired indiscriminately this Sunday at those attending a rap concert in Hialeah (Florida) killing two and injuring a score in the second mass shooting in 24 hours in Florida, which starts in the worst way a summer that the police anticipate “violent”.

After midnight from Saturday to Sunday, those attending the concert in a banquet hall in Hialeh, a city in the northwest of Miami whose population is mainly Latino, who were outside the venue saw how a vehicle stopped and three people got out of the car and started shooting.

Miami-Dade County Police Director Alfredo “Freddy” Ramírez, indicated through his Twitter account that it was a “cowardly and selective act” of armed violence.

The agent lamented that the “cold-blooded murderers” fired “indiscriminately at a crowd” outside the El Mula banquet hall.


“This type of attack must end, every weekend is the same”, Ramírez said at a press conference, insisting that it was not something “random.”

The officer said that it is “disheartening”, but this is a “trend” that is being experienced throughout the country and that a “violent summer” is foreseeable.

Precisely this long weekend for the Memorial Day holiday, which is celebrated this Monday in the United States, is the unofficial start of summer in the country and local authorities had reinforced security measures in anticipation of possible incidents, although on these dates they are often caused by visitors.

However, in this case it seems that they are local, since the Hialeah banquet hall, far from the tourist area, had been rented to celebrate the release of an album at a party that included several performances by rap groups from the area, the newspaper said Sun Sentinel.

This morning, one of the fatalities was still at the scene, apparently a man whose body was partially covered with a yellow cloth that revealed his red sports shoes.

The two deceased were pronounced dead at the scene, while more than a dozen of the injured made their way to hospitals under their own power, while eight more were transported by medical teams.

Fifty people gathered at Jackson Memorial Hospital to find out about the health of their relatives and, holding hands, formed a circle to pray at the doors of the medical center.

Angelica Green, mother of one of the injured, told Local 10 channel that her son called them and told them that they had shot him in the stomach and that the suspects arrived “wearing ski masks and hooded sweatshirts, and started shooting into the crowd. ”.


(Foto: Joe Raedle/Getty Images)

The Police are investigating who could have committed the attack and have asked for the help of the population to solve the second mass shooting they have faced in 24 hours, after at midnight from Friday to Saturday one person died and six others were injured in a incident that occurred in the touristy Miami neighborhood of Wynwood.

Entrepreneur and television host Marcus Lemonis offered a $ 100,000 reward for anyone who helps authorities in his hometown arrest suspects in this early morning shooting.

As in the case of Hialeah, Police have called for help and are tracking the vehicle used in the Wynwood attack, where thousands of people gather every weekend to enjoy the popular art galleries and restaurants.

A local police officer described the scene of the shooting as a “war zone,” according to the Miami Herald newspaper, while a witness said he heard about 60 shots and saw people fleeing in terror.


This Sunday, The New York Times published this Sunday preliminary data from a study that ensures that the sale of firearms in the United States, which skyrocketed last year as a result of the start of the coronavirus pandemic, continues to grow, with a fifth of purchases made by people who are released as owners.

The figures, compiled by Northeastern University and a Harvard research center, indicate that there are more and more weapons in circulation, but also more and more armed people.

If on May 23 three people died in an attack in a bar in Youngstown, in the state of Ohio, three days later another mass shooting left a balance of nine dead in San José (California), in a spiral of violence that It has been occurring in the US since restrictions due to the pandemic began to be lifted.

Miami Police Chief Art Acevedo said today on Twitter that gun attacks are a “public health epidemic” in the country and that society must mobilize so that the situation does not worsen.

To avoid this, he opted to toughen the penalties for people who possess and use weapons when they are prohibited from doing so, because, in his opinion, these “cowards” do not “fear death, but they do fear long prison terms.”

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