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Florida teacher arrested after recording Snapchat having sex with student

A Florida substitute teacher she was arrested for having sex with a student adolescent and have shared the images through a video of Snapchat, according to said the police authorities.

Ayanna Davis, 20, substitute English teacher at Lakeland High School, was arrested on Friday after she admitted to having had unprotected sex with the student four times – twice at his home and twice at the victim’s home, the Polk County Sheriff’s Office said in a statement.

Davis’ admission coincided with statements made by the victim, whose exact age was not disclosed, but was listed in the statement as 16 years or younger.

Authorities launched an investigation of the teacher on December 3, after a student informed the school resource officer that she was circulating a Snapchat video showing Davis having sex with a student. The video was reportedly shown to an entire school football team.

Substitute teacher Ayanna Davis is accused of having unprotected sex with a student four times.
Substitute teacher Ayanna Davis is accused of having unprotected sex with a student. (Photo: Polk County Sheriff’s Office)

Law enforcement officials have not yet been able to view the video, but are working to track it down. “I know it’s somewhere,” Sheriff Grady Judd said.

After his interview with police, the sheriff’s office charged Davis with two counts of sexual assault by the custodian and crimes against students by an authority figure.

Additionally, the Lakeland Police Department charged her with two additional counts of sexual assault.

“This is a clear violation of sexual assault laws. She was in a position of influence over the victim and she took advantage of it for her own twisted pleasure, ”Judd said.

Ayanna Davis made her first court appearance on December 11, where a $ 60,000 bond was ordered for five counts. It is scheduled to be processed on January 10, 2022.

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According to officials, Davis is not an employee of Polk County Public Schools, but served Lakeland High School as a substitute teacher through the Kelly Education Services staffing company.

The company received instructions that Davis can no longer work in any Polk County public schools, authorities said.

“We expect substitute teachers to maintain the same high standards of conduct and professionalism as our full-time educators,” Superintendent Frederick Heid said in a statement.

“The charges against this person are shameful and a complete violation of the trust that teachers build with their students. There is no place in our schools for this kind of behavior, ”Heid added.

The Polk County School District changed its policy in October allowing anyone 20 and older with a high school diploma to be a substitute teacher.

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