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Florida vet sentenced to 21 years in jail for filming himself having sex with dogs and squashing them to death

The abused was also filmed squashing dogs to death for satisfaction.

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a Florida vet that was recorded and shared videos in which sexually abused dogs, was sentenced this Friday to more than 21 years in prison, indicated the Prosecutor’s Office.

The subject identified as Prentiss K. Madden, who had a professional license to work as a veterinarian in Ventura, southeast Florida, pleaded guilty to having reproduced videos where he was “Involved in sexual activities with dogs and share them with other chats”said the US Attorney’s Office for the Southern District in Florida.

The statement detailed that Madden “He filmed himself sexually abusing dogs and shared the bestiality videos online.”

According to official reports, the vet kept the videos in which he had sex with dogs and shared talks about bestiality on his cell phone.

I crushed and killed dogs for pleasure

Another of the charges that Madden pleaded guilty to was the reproduction of “Crush videos”, which consisted of the subject insistently trampled animals to death in order to obtain a sexual gratification.

Likewise, the Prosecutor’s Office found him guilty of accessing an account of Dropbox where it stored images of child pornography. He received pornographic photos and videos through chats on social networks, in addition to having conversations referring to child pornography in these chats.

The judge in the case also contemplated sentencing him to 272 months in jail for storing thousands of images of child pornography in their Dropbox account and on their phones.

Madden had pleaded guilty in the past July 29 on charges of receiving child pornography, possession of child pornography and another for creating a video with abuse against animals, based on a federal statute that punishes acts of animal torture and bestiality.

This case was presented as part of the Safe Childhood Project, a national initiative that serves to combat the increasing cases of child sexual exploitation and abuse.

This initiative was launched in 2006 by the Department of Justice in order to “Better locate, detain and prosecute people who exploit children through the internet”.

Madden was medical director of the Hospital Veterinario Carling Hands, in the Miami suburb of Ventura until March of this year, when he was fired two weeks before his arrest

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