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Florida’s first lady made her first public appearance after being diagnosed with breast cancer

The first lady of Florida thanked those present for the applause and affectionate gestures.

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After it became public knowledge that Casey DeSantis, Florida’s first lady, was diagnosed with breast cancer on October 4, she had not made any appearance in public, until Saturday, when she was surprisingly present at the Lincoln-Reagan Day dinner of the Republican Party.

“Probably the most important person who has supported me is our wonderful first lady.”. With these words, Governor Ron DeSantis welcomed his wife during a dinner speech in a video posted by Fox News.

“I trust the Lord, I know how tough it is. He is doing very well. In fact, he’s doing so well that I wanted to come here tonight and say hi to you, so here he is. “, DeSantis said.

In the presence of Casey DeSantis, people began to stand up and give the first lady a standing ovation as she took the stage to be next to the governor, Fox News reported.

“I heard that when you get a standing ovation, even before you walk through the door, you should probably leave.”, the governor’s wife before the people present.

He added that there are many things that need to be upset and sad about the direction of the country; however, she made it clear that she was sure not to give up. “Never ever give up the fight”, he limited.

Earlier this month, Ron DeSantis He had reported that his wife had been diagnosed with breast cancer, and that it would be a challenge in which he would have the support of his family.

“I am saddened to report that the esteemed First Lady of Florida, and my loving wife, have been diagnosed with breast cancer.”, informed the governor through a statement. “Casey is a true fighter, and she will never, never, never give up.”

The news generated gestures of endorsement towards the first lady and messages of solidarity; However, also people from social networks took the opportunity to make fun of the situation Casey.

Some did so because of the criticism that her husband’s management has had, and others made ironic comments appealing to the “karma” to get to the mockery.

Republican state government Ron DeSantis has been in controversy for being one of the states that has been in disparity with the ordinances of the Biden administration, especially with the mandates of the use of masks and vaccination in the state, which has made it receive the support of many people in the country, but also many detractors.

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