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Flowo, a typewriter for the 21st century

Typewriters today are practically extinct. But many people ask to resurrect them… and it’s not out of nostalgia.

If you are over 40, you have probably ever used a writing machine. Throughout the 20th century it was a work tool as common as the computer is today. But now they are almost extinct.

The last mechanical typewriter in Europe was put on sale by the Brother brand on November 20, 2012. They can still be found in stores, but they are becoming rarer.

A typewriter works similar to a keyboard.. The difference is that when you press the key, you literally move a lever where a metal letter is impregnated with ink, and writes on the paper. You had to press very hard, so that the ink was well marked.

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There are many people who misses the characteristic “click, click, click” noise produced by the keys when they hit the roller, while writing. And all the mechanical process that meant writing a letter, or a job.

We have already talked about the need to always apply the same force so that some letters are not more marked than others. But also mechanisms like having to manually change lines by moving the “carriage” of the typewriter, or use a white correction fluid to cover up a letter that you had confused, and write over it again.

However, many people still use typewriters, including many famous writers and screenwriters, for a reason: promotes concentration.

Computers and mobiles show notifications continuouslysounds, and other features besides typing, which often distract you, breaking your concentration. A typewriter is only good for thatand when you use it, there is no element to distract you.

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That’s why Italian designer Jody Del Bianco has created Flowo, an acronym for Flow Word, fluid word. Is a typewriter designed for the 21st century:

Flowo replaces the mechanical keyboard with a conventional laptop keyboard. It also eliminates ink and paper, replacing it with a curved electronic ink screen.

It maintains, yes, the roller, which simulates the movement of the paper, as we write.

Flowo It can be connected to the computer or mobile via Bluetooth or USB Type C cable to transfer the texts that are written, although it also has a micro SD card reader to store them.

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Because the keyboard is illuminated, you can work in low light.

Unfortunately Flowo it is only a concept, and at the moment it does not have a manufacturer. But it could be successful a writing device to keep you focusedwithout the distractions of a computer.

Will we ever see it come true?

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