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Following the outcome of the Norwegian elections, all Nordic countries turn left

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Norwegian Labor Leader Jonas Gahr Store met yesterday with Trygve vedm, leader of the Centrist Party, in a first contact to negotiate the formation of a government. After the elections last Monday, a coalition between Labor, centrists and the Socialist Left is emerging that only has to agree on some issues of climate protection but that oil policy will not change. “From the beginning I said that I only had one letter in the alphabet of government, a government of Labor, centrists and socialists. We thought that it is the alternative with more options to achieve a stable majority and that is what the voters prefer. And we are not wrong “, has confirmed Store on his intentions.

«The message is clear. There is no majority without us and those who want to form a government must necessarily take us into account, “said the socialist leader. Audum Lysbakken. Norway, therefore, is already taking the same path that the rest of the Nordic countries have previously taken, which as a bloc are already governed from the left.

Fact that has not happened since 2001

The political map of northern Europe did not take on this compact color since 2001, the last date on which the prime ministers of Sweden, Finland, Norway and Denmark were simultaneously Social Democrats. If we add neighboring Iceland, we have to go back to 1950 to find that set. “This contradicts the idea of ​​many that Europe is liberal by nature, and the idea of ​​many others that the social democratic parties are finished”, has judged Store on his own electoral triumph, “we are witnessing the return of a little renewed formula and that gives the answer that is now needed, a fair balance option between industry, employment and climate ”.

“Those sentenced for life should not be able to use our prisons as meeting places”

In Denmark, Mette Frederiksen he has propped up his government position thanks to a heavy hand on immigration and crime policy. Among its new laws are striking projects such as the one that prevents asylum seekers from setting foot on Danish territory before they have been granted that status or the one that prevents people with criminal records from entering nightlife areas, as a measure to guarantee citizen security. No less striking is its prison policy, according to which those sentenced to life imprisonment are limited in their activity on social networks and will not be able to have sexual relations during visits bis to bis during the first ten years of their sentence, to avoid what Frederiksen has called like the phenomenon of “delinquent groupies.” “Those sentenced for life should not be able to use our prisons as meeting places or platforms to brag about their crimes,” the prime minister justified.

Löfven leaves the head of Government

In Sweden, the Social Democratic Prime Minister Stefan Löfven he has just announced that he will leave the head of government and the party presidency in November, when there are ten months left for the next general elections. “I have been Party Chairman for almost ten years and Prime Minister for seven, fantastic years in which I have focused on doing the best for Sweden and everyone who lives in this fantastic country. But everything has an end and I want to give my successor the best conditions, “he explained.

The decision comes a month after overcoming a crisis that led to his historic dismissal by Parliament, the first of a sitting head of government in Sweden, and his subsequent reelection by the House two weeks later. The Left Party is the one that gives the majority with its votes to the red-green executive, thanks to the fact that the center-right parties do not accept having the far-right Sweden Democrats (SD), the third parliamentary force, since it entered Parliament in 2010. This is what has allowed Löfven to govern since 2014, despite not having an electoral majority.

Breakfasts of 300 euros per month

As for Finland, Sanna Marin She came to power in 2019 as the youngest head of government in the world, has managed the pandemic with exemplary results and the biggest criticisms she currently receives are related to the 300 euros a month she spends on the breakfasts of her family, who lives with her at the official residence of Kesäranta, in charge of the taxpayer, a scandal uncovered by the Finnish tabloid ‘Ilta-Lehti’. According to his office, the prime minister and his family have the right to breakfast and cold meals, not hot, when they stay in the official residence, in charge of the State.

Marin is not violating, therefore, any law, but his predecessors renounced this privilege and from the Nordic mentality of public resources it is a fault. Let us remember that in 2014 the minister Mona Sahlin he had to resign because he used his professional card to buy two packages of chocolate worth 32.12 euros. The breakfast scandal has been one of the reasons why the conservative Kokoomus party, the second opposition force, won the municipal elections held in June with 20.8% of the votes.

The professor of Political Science at the University of Bergen, Elisabeth Ivarsflaten, believes that the Social Democrats undoubtedly benefit from the “spirit of this age”, from a state of opinion in which uncertainty leads citizens to seek “a Stronger state and fewer social inequalities, a trend that has accentuated the pandemic. They also benefit, according to the expert, from the “desire to counter emerging populist rights, both in rhetoric and strategy, in addition to presenting policies that seek to provide solid responses to the protests raised by these new parties.” Sometimes they even take ownership of your policies, like Frederiksen in Denmark. Ivarsflaten warns, however, that these government formations overshadow mediocre electoral results and the fact that “these parties are benefiting from a state of fragmentation of public opinion.”

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