Tuesday, October 26

Font signs before a notary public that he will not make Barça a public limited company

Victor Fuente You have called a notary public to the electoral seat of your candidacy and together with him you have signed a symbolic document by which you undertake that Barça will not become a Sports Limited Company during his term in which if he wins in the elections of the next 7 of March. Font affirms that his economic project guarantees the viability of the club and warns that Joan Laporta’s, with its ‘Laporta Bonds’, it endangers it because it “will not succeed.”

“In the current context of the club and of the financial markets, they would be junk bonds”, proclaims Font, openly criticizing his main adversary after two debates have taken place on the respective economic programs for a Barça with 1,173 million of recognized gross debt.

The businessman maintains that the idea of ​​Laporta will increase the indebtedness of the entity. The issuance of these bonds would be “very expensive and very risky “ since it could not be done with “friendly financial entities”, without explaining what they are or why. Yes, they could be agreed with American investment funds and banks, “which are usually very aggressive” and which would exert relentless pressure in the event that the operation was not positive to finally get control of the club. Font has presented the example of Milan, that Silvio Berlusconi, its owner, transferred to a Chinese tycoon and this, finally, sold it to an American fund.

Font says that he does not doubt the good intention of Laporta or Toni Freixa in being able to preserve the property model in the hands of the partners, but he calls for more transparency and precision from both to explain their respective projects. He places both of them within the framework of “traditional” candidates who aspire to the presidency of a club “by mounting and improvising their candidacies two or three months before the elections.”

Disrespect to Messi

After defending the goodness of Lionel Messi’s contract, published by a Madrid newspaper, and criticizing the bias of the information, Font returned to defend the captain from another attack. Camouflaged, surrounded by the desire of Ángel di María, another representative of Paris Saint Germain, to try to attract the footballer to France. Barça and PSG will meet in the knockout stages of the Champions League on February 16 at the Camp Nou.

“It is another lack of respect, and I take this opportunity to ask the PSG leaders to try to respect the club, a player who is competing in the Barcelona discipline and who has said that he will wait until the end of the season to decide his future, “proclaimed Font, regretting that These comments come at a “temporary” moment at the club, PSG is one of the “opponents of Barcelona” who want to harm Messi, “our main asset”.

“Our opponents still do not digest that the best player in history is a club man and that club is Barça”

Víctor Font, candidate for the presidency

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And since he is one of the main assets, Font wants to renew him with a life contract that is extended after retirement. For the future contribution of Messi and to defer the millionaire amounts that he should pay. Although the candidate proclaimed that the Argentine star would stay at Barça convinced by the sports project of Xavi Hernandez, his former teammate and general manager of the candidacy. Xavi has sent him messages of support and solidarity from Qatar.

PSG is one of Barça’s enemies and the “leaker” of Messi’s contract is too. “Adversaries who have not yet digested that the best player in history is a club man and that man and that club is Barça,” he stressed. However, Font doubts someone from the entity – “the contract could not have come from many places”, he maintains -, and does not have any of Messi’s loyalty with Barça. “He already knows how this world works, he has suffered attacks of this type and surely these situations reinforce feelings of his heart “, he affirmed, with a halo of hope that so be it.


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