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Foods that you should eliminate from your diet if you want to gain muscle

There are foods that are important to include in our diet because they will help us build muscle mass more easily, but, as indicated Vitonic, as well there are foods that will not help us achieve this goal and that, therefore, we should not consume.

Alcohol, refined sugar, energy drinks, fruit juices and others are some of the foods that should not have an important place in our diet if we want to gain muscle mass. Here we tell you why.

1.  Alcohol

Alcohol provides many carbohydrates that are transformed into fat that is stored quickly when it reaches the liver.

On the other hand, the alcohol that reaches the liver generates a considerable effort in that organ, which decreases muscle efficiency for the correct absorption of nutrients that maintain muscle proteins.

2. Refined sugar

Refined sugar, in addition to not providing any nutrients to the body, will slow down the metabolism. Source: Pixabay

Consuming refined sugar can cause insulin spikes in the blood, which slows down the metabolism causing, among other things, that the body cannot use fat effectively.

As soon as the sugar decreases, it will use the body proteins instead of fat, which affects the muscle mass.

3. Energy drinks

Energy drinks are intended for use in a sporting context, so they will not affect you especially if you use them before, during or after. However, the problem occurs when you consume them without dedicating or having dedicated yourself to a sport.

This happens because these drinks have simple carbohydrates that can be turned into fat if they are not consumed with physical activity.

4. Fruit juices

Fruit juices do not have the amount of fiber that their whole fruit counterparts do. This lower amount of fiber does not allow simple carbohydrates to be better assimilated in the body, so they are more likely to become fat.

5. Industrial pastries

Industrial bakery is mainly made up of processed foods that contain fatty acids and refined sugars. They are ideal for increasing body weight, but not precisely for gaining muscle mass.

6. Fried foods

Fried foods provide a high amount of calories to the body, as well as saturated fat. Besides, also provide oxidants that are formed when oils with low heat resistance are fried, such as palm and sunflower oil.

7. Salty and toasted snacks

Consuming too much salt can induce a state of dehydration, which impairs muscle gain since the body may consume muscle to try to stay hydrated.

If you avoid including these foods in your diet, your chances of having more muscle mass will increase significantly, which it will make it easier for you to achieve the muscles you want.

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