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Football Manager 2022 US release date: game pricing, new device features

Football Manager 2022 will arrive this November as the latest edition gears up for its big launch.

Last year’s Football Manager 2021 proved popular with over 446 million games played since its launch and excitement is building ahead of the launch of the new game.

What is the release date for Football Manager 2022?

November 9, 2021 is the release date of Football Manager 2022. That means it will be available to purchase and play in time for the busy holiday period.

Early Access is available for those who pre-purchase the game and that means the game will be available to play approximately two weeks before the official release date around October 26.

The release date is back to the usual early November time. Last year, the release of Football Manager 2021 was delayed until the end of November.

How much will Football Manager 2022 cost?

EditionUS Price
Football Manager 2022$ 54.99 ($ ​​49.50 *)
Football Manager 2022 XboxTBC
Football Manager 2022 TouchTBC
Football Manager 2022 MobileTBC

Football Manager 2022 is priced at $ 54.99 in the US, however, a 10% reduction * applies if you want to pre-purchase the game, which means it will cost $ 49.50.

The game is available to purchase as a download for PC or Mac via Epic or Steam and the officer Sega Store, just like him Microsoft Store.

Football Manager 2022 Xbox Edition and Football Manager 2022 Touch it will be considerably cheaper than the full set.

Football Manager 2021 Xbox was priced at $ 39.99 in the US, while Football Manager 2021 Touch was priced at $ 29.99.

What devices will Football Manager 2022 be on?

Football Manager 2022 will be available to play on PC, Mac, Xbox Series X / S, Xbox One, and mobile devices.

The Xbox edition of Football Manager 2022 will be released on the same date as the PC / Mac version, just like FM22 Mobile.

Football Manager 2022 Touch will also be available to play on Nintendo Switch.

What news will Football Manager 2022 have?

The new features of Football Manager 2022 will be revealed at “end of September” according to the official website.

Last year, Football Manager 2021 saw a number of new additions, including xG data and match analysis, and Football Manager 2022 will certainly aim to satisfy some wishes.

Changes in the transfer system

Football Manager Studio Director Miles Jacobson has indicated that there will be further changes to the game’s transfer system to reflect the financial realities that have emerged from the global COVID-19 pandemic.

“Many more clubs than normal will start the game with much smaller available budgets or even being in the position of having to try to sell players (as they are still in real life),” wrote Jacobson in a September blog post. “Others will fight to reduce their squad size and salary expenses.”


With each iteration of Football Manager, efforts have been made to improve the game’s graphics and that will be no different for Football Manager 2022.

Last year, the game user interface (user interface) was redesigned to improve the lighting and actions of the game screen. We can expect more updates to the simulation in FM22.

Leagues and licenses

There will be a license update in Football Manager 2022, with full details to be confirmed at the end of September.

One notable change is Manchester United’s absence from the game following a trademark dispute between the Premier League club and Sega. For the first time in the history of the game, the Old Trafford team will be known as ‘Manchester UFC’ or ‘Man UFC’ instead of their official name.

A tweet from the official Football Manager account in August 2021 read: “Starting with FM22, Manchester United football club will be called ‘Manchester UFC’ or ‘Man UFC’.

“These name changes have been made solely to resolve the dispute without admission.”

There have long been omissions in the history of Football Manager, with various teams and leagues being unplayable due to licensing.

Football Manager 2021 featured more than 100 leagues from 52 different countries spread over five continents and Football Manager 2022 will also be packed with options.

The game developers are always open to new suggestions and a common request on the interactive sports community forums is to include the Japanese soccer pyramid.

Women’s Football

In 2021, the brain behind Football Manager announced that women’s football would soon be introduced to the game, but Football Manager 2022 is coming too early.

“We have been doing this behind the scenes for over a year. I’m sick of having to tell people on social media, when they ask me about it, ‘when we do it, we do it right.’ Now we can talk more about that, “said Football Manager studio director Miles Jacobson in July.

Tina Keech has been appointed head of research for the game’s women’s soccer and the required database is expected to take several years to build, so the women’s game will not be a feature of FM22.

However, there will be female coaches, and they have done so in various editions of Football Manager.

Will COVID-19 be a factor?

Covid-19 will not be a feature of Football Manager 2022, and the game developers are eager to ensure that the game is an escape from reality.

Jacobson wrote in his September update: “Players will not miss matches due to COVID, players will not need to isolate themselves when they return from vacation and, no, we will not have health officials coming onto the field to cancel friendlies because some players have no shelter. “. He followed local isolation rules. “

He added: “The crowds will fill the stadiums to pre-pandemic levels and the club’s finances will eventually return to normal, and the handshakes are there too, as you voted last year.”

Football Manager 2022 Trailer

A trailer for Football Manager 2022 was released on September 9, along with the announcement of the release date.

Very little is revealed in the trailer, with the focus primarily on reflecting on what has happened before, with lines about dreaming big and achieving success for fans taking center stage.

You can see the trailer in the video above.

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