Friday, June 24

“Football no longer understands names, now the person who runs the most wins games”

He left with his team after the worrying 0-0 against Socuéllamos and returned with 0-4. What atmosphere did you find in the dressing room?

Very good because we needed the victory to be able to gain confidence after going through a bit of a difficult time. We did things well but the results we wanted weren’t getting. Thanks to the effort, the fact of not lowering our arms and believing in ourselves we have achieved a victory. When I arrived from my country I found my teammates with a good atmosphere and that helps us a lot to prepare for the next matches.

Did you leave worried about your team after the draw against Socuéllamos?

I was not worried because I saw that the team was doing things well. We fought for victory but things didn’t work out for us. Rico Pérez always needs to see goals, it bothers us to leave our field without scoring. It is a stadium that deserves to celebrate goals.

We have not gone through a crisis because we did things well, it was only a moment of not finding the goal


Was there talk of crisis?

For us it was not a crisis, just a difficult moment to find the goal, something normal in football. Crises come when you don’t do things right, it is not our case. We have already found the goals and things are going to turn out much better, which is what we hope.

With the 0-4 it seems that everything looks different. The forwards scored, the goalkeeper saved a penalty …

For me it is very important that the forwards score because they do care a lot when they don’t score. In the dressing room we cheered them on and we wish them the best. They are people who fight, who do not lower their arms and who at any moment can find the direction to the goal. They will continue to score goals and help the team.

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And we still need to see Acuña in all its splendor …

He is a very important player on and off the field because he is one of those who cheers the most, we wish him the best because he can bring us many things up front. When he is one hundred percent it will be very important and he will score many goals.

How have you adapted to Alicante?

Very good, although I hardly ever leave the house. I spend a lot of time where we train and once at home I am giving piano and drawing classes to pass the time.

Did you expect the equality that exists in this group of Second RFEF where almost nobody manages to win two games in a row?

I expected it because football is no longer the way it used to be. When you were going to play against a team that had a name, you knew what was going to happen. It’s not like that. We notice it with the selections, it is no longer a matter of names. Now the one who runs the most is the one who wins. If you run more, you win.

Hercules is doing better away from home …

The away team is winning, but we are working hard to make ourselves strong at Rico Pérez. We know that the leagues are won in our field, if we want to be at the top we have to win the games at home.

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Toscano’s injury has been the great setback …

I found out yesterday when I came to play for my country that it was a very serious injury. It affects us a lot because he was a colleague who already had his place and contributed a lot. We have lost him but we are going to fight for him.

I am a professional and I have to do my best with my national team and with my club, I can’t relax after playing for Guinea


Alternatives has the team in the center of the field …

It is what is going to give us life this season because we have players who want to choose to be starters. The competition that exists is what will lead us to fight for the objective. Each one will contribute what they can for the good of the team.

It has not taken long to notice the pressure that exists in a club like Hercules …

It’s normal, it’s a club that deserves much more than being in the fourth category. That is why those who come to Hercules have to know what awaits them, it is a club in which they will demand you and you have to do your best because people do not relax here.

The season has started with a lot of activity, sent off, penalties, a win against, a win in favor …

The competition has started with many things, but what interests us is the day-to-day work and going game by game.

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On Sunday they have an opportunity to reconcile with the fans …

We are aware of the importance of this game and we want to face it like everyone else, for us all the league games are final and we have to play them as if they were the last. Let’s see if everything turns out the way we want.

He scored a key goal for his national team … How do you combine the games with Guinea and Hercules?

I am a professional and I have to know how to manage the times. I can’t relax after playing for Guinea, I have to do my best with my club to be able to be with the national team. If I’m not good here, I’m not going to be good with my team.

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