Thursday, January 27

“For a new coach, the first win is very important”

Francisco Rodríguez, Elche coach, arrived at the press conference after his league debut at Martínez Valero with the right voice to offer his first impressions after the victory against Cádiz. “For a coach who starts a new project, it is very important to add the first victory,” said the Almeria. “I keep the importance of the three points, the attitude of the players and the ambition and winning mentality,” he added.

«I keep the three points, the attitude and the ambition and winning mentality» FRANCISCO RODRÍGUEZ, Elche coach


«Elche has come out better in the game, more electric. Then we lacked success »ÁLVARO CERVERA, Cádiz Coach


“I think the team has spoken on the pitch, it is an important victory” TETE MORENTE, Elche CF footballer


Despite the suffering caused by the 2-1 scored by Cádiz in the 90th minute, Francisco acknowledged that he always trusted in victory. “Nothing has crossed my mind other than adding the three points,” he said. “We have good players, but we have to be a team when we don’t have the ball. And that work is appreciated. I have seen it in Boyé, Lucas Pérez, Fidel … I think the first part was very good, except for the penalty action. From here, to continue growing, “he added.

The franjiverde coach not only praised the good individual performance of Tete Morente or the two Lucas but also wanted to remember those who ran out of minutes, personalizing in the case of Pablo Piatti. Regarding possible improvements, Francisco did not bite his tongue either: «From being in solidarity we have very good players in the squad. We have to be a team to play in the opposite field ».

The new franjiverde coach, dressed in a suit and white sports shoes, was very active in the band throughout the match, spending almost more time outside the technical area than within it. Francisco asked for head when his team was lost in certain protests to the referee and was especially careful that the cautioned players did not see the second yellow for a loss of attention. With the final whistle he was able to savor his first triumph at Martínez Valero as coach of Elche. Better start, impossible.

For his part, the attacker Tete Morente, who has been a starter in the two league games after the dismissal of Fran Escribá, was quite forceful when assessing the triumph of his team and the change of mentality in the group that he notices in this last week.

“I think the team has talked about the field,” he stated bluntly. «Francisco has instilled in us a winning mentality and intensity. From the work of Escribá, I think that has been noticed in the game against Cádiz, especially when it comes to pressing, something that the new coach asks of us, “he added.

With this victory, Elche put an end to the losing streak of seven games without winning in the League and linked two wins and a draw in recent days against Osasuna, Leioa (Copa del Rey) and Cádiz. Next destination, Valencia.

DYING TETE: His best day as green franj

Great performance, creating danger from the start. He scored the 2-0 that gave tranquility and before he put a good center to Fidel.

The bench:

  • Gumbau and Pere Milla: An assistance for each
  • Josan: Closed the scoreboard
  • Carrillo and Benedetto: With little time

EDGAR BADIA: Error in the penalty, without consequences

He failed in the clearance in the action that ended in the Cádiz penalty. Then he launched himself well at Alex’s shot. Without much work.

HELIBELTON PALACIOS: He did not accuse the early yellow

He saw a card in the first minute and it seemed that it could weigh him down, but he completed a more than neat game in defense.

LUCAS PÉREZ: He didn’t score, but he created a lot of danger

Despite not seeing the door, he completed an outstanding performance. He forced the 1-0 penalty and created many problems behind the rival.

ENZO ROCO: Somewhat insecure in certain phases of the duel

He committed the penalty that did not end in a goal. Somewhat slow in that action. Then he was also insecure several times.

DIEGO GONZÁLEZ: The best of the defensive line

It maintains its high level at the beginning of the course. The best behind, without complications. Very good cut on a play at 73 ‘.

MOJICA: Cervera covered him and met back

Cádiz took out two laterals to cover its lane. He did not appear too much in attack, but he was firm in defensive work.

LUCAS BOYÉ: The usual headache

As soon as he started, he ran into the stick. The defenders of Cádiz suffered throughout the duel. Replaced at the end.

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