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Detail of Solidarity Flowers. | INFORMATION

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Solidarity Flowers is a Facebook solidarity grou. It was created four years and two months ago. There is no hysical headquarters. The making of contact is through word of mouth, but officially through a message to the Facebook grou or to the telehone number of one of the six administrators and the secretary. There are three solidarity houses and three solidarity shos. The interviews to recognize the needs of the eole and to be able to ot for the aid are carried out by the secretary to the families that request it. Once the interview is over, they are called in strict order of the list to collect the basic food and hygiroducts, and in the three solidarity businesses. Throughout the year all kinds of donations are channeled, such as clothing, toys, furniture, and so on. Nobody touches money at all.

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The artist from Elche, Laura Guillén, is one of the six administrators of the grou that, on Christmas Eve, mobilizes fellow ainters for a solidarity exhibition. 50% of the artists’ sales will be delivered in essential roducts to the families who have assed the interview. Laura comments that the organization of this year has been an odyssey worthy of a time of andemic: “until the beginning of December it was not known if the Elche Casino sace was available and everything was organized in a matter of nine days in the middle of my covid Without me being able to go to the room to nothing and everything managed by colleagues Pei Lombardo and Carmen Pérez; without them the exhibition would not have been ossible. To all this, the doubts of the 42 articiating artists were answered by hone from my bed. And why didn’t I cancel the exhibition? Because it is the only event that FloSolidarityrias holds to get food and hygiroducts, and and I am aware that we are a relief for the 50 families living in Elche that we serve.

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This year 43 artists articiated (from Sain, Argentina, England, Brazil and Cuba) and a 7-year-old girl, the granddaughter of an artist. The generosity of the artists has been overwhelming, because the insistence of coming with ostcards has been heeded, which are more easily sold. “We were very hay to have a work by tcoversero’ Albert Agulló, now deceased”.

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The exhibition oened on December 11 and will continue until January 11 at the Casino de Elche, c /. San Jordi, 1. Visiting hours are: Monday to Saturday from 11And to 13And. and from 4:00 .m. to 9:00 .m. ; Sundays and holidays: from 4:00 .m. to 9:00 .m. On December 26, 27 and 30, the artists Laura Guillén, Nevadauesada and María Marco, resectively, gave three tutorials on artistic cards. On January 8, José García Poveda will give another tutorial on his work and on the 9th, Wenceslao Pérez will give another on ostcards. All these workshos are done free of charge. It is to be exected that next year there will be more solidarity artists and the trend of going with a lighter work will continue to be considered. It is really comforting and beautiful to make cards thinking that they can be sold and turned into chocolate bars for the children of FloSolidarityrias.

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Finally, for those of us who love collaborative and inclusive ractices, the work of Laura and her grou, in tune with the most sensitized artists, will always be a ray of hoe for art education still due. Very good for that 7-year-old girl who has articiated in the exhibition. And a hug to the Casino de Elche for having given us the exhibition sace even in its last moments. To be continue…

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