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For the first time, Javier Ceriani and Elisa Beristain speak of the high price they pay for uncovering the cases of ‘me too’ Latino

Elisa Beristain and Javier Ceriani are the journalists who are in charge of ‘Chisme No Like’ on Youtube and ‘Live Gossip’ on Estrella TV. For just over two years they have been at the forefront of the most scandalous complaints and those that nobody had dared to make in the industry until that moment.

Two years after denouncing the sexual harassment that an actress experienced at the hands of Enrique Albis, producer of ‘El Gordo y la Flaca’, Javier and Elisa speak exclusively of the high price they pay for uncovering the cases of ‘me too’ Latino.

When we discovered that there was this sexual harasser in Univision we knew that we were going to mess with a monster, there were many things that were going to get involved… It gave us encouragement that the blow we gave, Univision reacted immediately, they fired him, Jorge Ramos apologized and, that put us in a place of great victory and great credibility, land gave confidence to the girls he was denouncing, what we did not imagine is that it was from 3 to 15 girls … The good thing is that they sued, it was resolved and that stalker is no longer on television”Recalls Ceriani.

Elisa, who is the most thoughtful of the duo, lives all this they are doing like a watershed: “We have talked about whoever it is, and our illusion is that, at some point, the industry will get a bit cleaned upBecause it is incredible, it seems that the entertainment industry is full of delinquent people ”, he assures.

Elisa Beristain and Javier Ceriani
Elisa Beristain and Javier Ceriani. Photo: Estrella TV

After those of Albis, the complaints followed, invited professionals on Univision and Telemundo shows with police records, a doctor who operates famous con artists, alleged rapes and abuses in ‘La Academia’ by executives and producers, and although they never stopped What responsibility does this imply?

There is a bullying per day and that did not happen before, we uncovered from ‘La Academia’ cases that the boys were drugged 18 years ago … Merle Uribe, who for 35 years blocked his career, was vetoed from Televisa by a stalker, We are uncovering the secret archive of the entertainment industry”, Says Javier.

“The journalists who are within the industry listened in the corridors, but We did not have the space to do it, so the mission, without Javier and I having agreed, is that the place where we work we want a clean, dignified place, and I think that within the show you have to give that example, of that the cases are reported and the example is not being given by us, but by the people who are daring to make the complaint by making it public“Elisa says and clarifies.

“This helps many women, and many people get emboldened, and that they are ordinary people who work in the office, in factories, we are living in another world, there is no longer room for those monsters that were hiding inside the industry”.

The complaints, which as Ceriani says are now daily, two years ago seemed to be something impossible or eternally to be covered, what changed?

The YouTube programs have helped a lot, because we have given a lot of space to the victims Traditional TV hosts are having a language problem, the girls of ‘Hoy’ of Televisa, supported an abuser because she (the victim) was drunk at the time she was abused, the way of seeing women began to change … why? If you are drunk, are you more rape? If you are in bed and you don’t want, you don’t want… They are getting bogged down in their own way of communicating… People have already learned with us, so they get noticed on Instagram… It was late for the Latin market, the American market has been with the ‘me too’ for a long time and it is difficult for us, because I think we are still in a very macho industry ”, says Ceriani.

And Elisa reasons the following: “As in the case of ‘La Academia’, we have that Latin behavior that maybe they instilled in us in our house that, the woman for being low-cut or the man, because We have denounced rapes of young gay men, and it seems that there is the belief of ‘Oh, if you are gay they are doing you a favor’ and not”.

Elisa beristain
Elisa Beristain. Photo: Estrella TV

Getting anonymous and even public people to report something that brought them so much pain and changed their lives has not been easy for journalists, and they tell us how they do to achieve it, support them and at the same time not be deceived.

It is a therapeutic work, of hours … First you have to listen to them and then you have to listen to them a second time to see if they are not lying, if they are wrong in the story, we doubt … They are afraid of exposure, public derision, criticism on social networks, we are talking about people who lost their whole lives in this, but I feel like talking about it has done you very good, we follow up, we support them, we ask people in the networks to support them.. That question of “why now?” Should be forbidden … It is a job that on YouTube allows us to spend an hour talking to get everything out, and perhaps in a 3-minute television interview, you can’t . You are doing a surgical operation with a human being to take away that pain”Ceriani confesses.

Not only has it cost us time, it has also cost us money, due to the issues. It’s incredible that Having so much freedom on YouTube, words like sex, abuse immediately stop monetizing, and Javier and I have been supported financially by Pepe Garza, because we bring the investigations, but We have a team here in the United States, which we have well paid, professional people so giving this news is not that it is a social service, but it has cost us time and money ”, clarifies Beristain.

– Have they been afraid?

The downside of this is that when colleagues are envious or jealous they do things that do a lot of damage to our research. For example, Adis Tuñón, he said that they were going to put a restraining order on me in a case involving a surgeon, and that scared the victims and that is not valid, because you are playing dirty, because it was also a lie and that does a lot of damage. And so thousands of things that they do to us to discredit us. I understand what gossip and media war are, but when we enter an investigation zone where there are abuses, diseases, you cannot play with that.You cannot dirty a colleague because he is conducting an investigation and you can harm a victim ”, Javier explains.

Javier Ceriani
Javier Ceriani. Photo: Estrella TV

-What do you feel when a victim seeks you out to tell your truth and heal?

A lot of responsibility, because we have to check not only their story, we cannot give stories that are lies because the integrity of another person is at stakeBut when they look for you this way, I personally I am satisfied that we are doing a bit to clean up this industry”, Elisa explains.

“From the case of Albis at Univision all these years we have learned a lot about how to deal with these issues, how to present things because people want hard evidence. We protect the victim from being believed, because people ask for the video where they are being raped… The public also demands more proof every day. In that we have learned a lot, and we will ensure that if someone talks to us we will help them to make their voice heard, because if a person speaks in the wrong place they may not believe him. And there is also the pleasure of exposing someone who is a fake… “, says Ceriani.

In two years they have had more than 50 complaints in which they have given voice and support to the alleged victims, as they explain. But what about the accused? Have you ever reached out to try to buy them or dissuade them from changing the version?

We do not have friends, we are friends of the news, a little while ago a person approached me, first he tried to tell me that he had information about my husband and since I told him that I cannot speak because we are conducting an investigation of that person, then he told me that he was not my husband but they wanted to tell me that I was working in ‘El Talón’ as a prostitute. So, as I know so much, as there is no information from my husband or mine, as they are trying to manufacture something to discredit us if I do not shut up... Our skin is so thick, so tanned, it doesn’t matter, any powerful or famous person who is going to make us something out there, there are people who don’t know us, and maybe because of morbidity they will see who we are, they will help us, they will serve a lot of publicity”Beristain says bravely to which Ceriani adds.

“The other day Gustavo Adolfo (Infante) said that why did we speak to the presidents of the channels as if they listened to us, and the truth is that they listen to us. and yes we can confirm a very important channel that asked us what we wanted, they thought we wanted something, how to stop, how far are they going to go, and obviously there was no type of negotiation because we don’t have that intention eitherWe don’t have an agenda to go to any channel ”.

In this of not stopping before any powerful, even if they want to offer them something in exchange for silence or to change the history of the weak, they have a message:

If you have a dirty ass or other dirty parts, grab your pen, your laptop, your little picture from the office and run because it is a matter of time.If you have something that you did, walk away before you dirty your company because we are going to remove it, whoever falls … Let them dedicate themselves to something else … Do not come to bother with your pee or with your tail to the entertainment industry, do not dirty more this beautiful profession that is entertainment”Says Ceriani and Beristain concludes with what for her is the ultimate goal of this hard work without rest.

Do the right thing, if you want to fall into this new modality and not only in the industry, in the world, do the right thing, if you want to do something else there are places to do it”.


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