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“For us there is no justice, no one returns Victor to us”

It has only been two years since Paco and Gema’s lives ended up falling apart. His 20-year-old son, Víctor López, died while driving his vehicle on the M-50 on the way to work, which he performed in a shopping center, after the car of an individual, identified as Kevin Cui, crashed into yours after traveling several miles drunk and in the opposite direction, greatly exceeding the allowed speed. It was 6:20 a.m. on September 15, 2019. In less than a year, the parents had lost their two children. Today Kevin Cui sits on the bench, the young Spanish man of Chinese origin who was the author of the incident, sadly known as the ‘kamikaze of the

M-50 ‘. He faces the crimes of homicide, reckless driving with manifest contempt for the lives of others and another against road safety. The Madrid Prosecutor’s Office ask for 15 years for him and he will be a popular jury of the Provincial Court the one in charge of prosecuting the facts.

The family of the deceased, who awaited this moment since then, has not raised their heads. «We are very bad. It has been two years waiting for the trial to come out, this individual has been continuously appealing and we were that we did not know what we were going to find, we have been very stressed and taking it fatally. There is no therapy to cure this», Says Jose, the aunt of the young man who lost his life, on the other end of the phone. “We face the trial in the hope that justice will be done. They are very serious facts, they deserve that society condemns them energetically», The family lawyer, Bárbara Royo, points out to ABC. For his part, in the indictment, the prosecutor maintains that the defendant was “aware” that he was driving in the opposite direction to that established because “although it was night, the sky was cloudy and with intermittent rain”, visibility on the road it was “in line” with the lighting that it had “and with the existing lighting on the track and in the tunnel.” “This man was circulating in a normal direction and at one point he turned around with absolute control of the vehicle and stepped on the accelerator in a conscious way,” adds the attorney for the prosecution.

On the left, Victor López;  on the right, the author of his death, Kevin Cui
On the left, Victor López; on the right, the author of his death, Kevin Cui

The prosecutor also points out that environmental circumstances did not prevent him from seeing that the vehicles with which he crossed, “which circulated correctly”, had the lighting, “being able to observe all the vertical, horizontal, beaconing and safety signs of the road, the other way around, like the edge marker markings that were oriented in the opposite direction to the one followed by it ». In his story, he also collects that Kevin Cui decided to take his car that night “despite having his faculties diminished as a result of a previous ingestion of alcoholic beverages, which reduced their ability to handle the steering, control and braking mechanisms of a vehicle, as well as increased reaction time to unforeseen events in such driving, with loss of reflexes and visual ability, and with the consequent risk to the vehicle. rest of the road users ».

The Prosecutor’s Office emphasizes that, despite everything, the accused left for Arganda del Rey on the M-50 highway, a way that he knew perfectly “Given that he used it normally and very frequently to go to Fuenlabrada and to his home” and that he was driving at a speed well above the permitted speed (139 kilometers per hour at the moment of impact).

The letter indicates that, during his journey in the opposite direction, he carried out maneuvers such as “zig-zag movements”, endangering the lives of other drivers. The Prosecutor’s Office points out that the accused he traveled almost two kilometers like that at high speed “Passing several vehicles that had to perform maneuvers to avoid colliding head-on”, until it hit Víctor, taking his life. All this will have to be assessed during the next two weeks by the members of the jury, something unprecedented in this type of case. «Our lawyer has done everything possible, it is the first time in Spain that a traffic crime will be tried by a popular jury. Road violence exists and this is it, it should be typified in another way. It cannot be that due to the death of a person, he only turns 15 years old. Our sentence will be for life», Laments the aunt of the deceased.

The family faces the trial in the hope that Kevin Cui will receive the maximum possible sentence, although for them, whose lives were stopped that tragic September 15, 2019, nothing will be enough. «There will never be justice for us, because they will never return Victor to us. Even if he was 30 years old, he would still seem like little to us. I will never be able to enjoy my nephew … My daughter who is 6 years old will never remember her cousin whom she adored », the spokeswoman concludes, saddened.

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