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Foreign Affairs deletes the aid to the fight against the “ETA narrative” that he foresaw in the PGE




The complementary and descriptive documentation of the Budgets of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs for 2021 included until yesterday afternoon two references to fight against the whitening of ETA.

It was the 142A program that contemplates actions against the deformation of the band’s history, as part of the State’s Foreign Action. Among them, he specifically cited that of “collaborating with the competent ministerial departments for the defense of our legal system”, pointing out as one of the tasks to carry out the “counteracting the actions of the different terrorist organizations, ETA included, their environment and of their related political groups. ‘ EH Bildu would enter this area as heir to the political arm of the armed gang, partner

of the Government and with which the PSOE has been negotiating its support for the new accounts for weeks.

The 115-page document posted on the website of the Ministry of Finance specified that This fight must not only take place “on the strictly terrorist level”, but also “on the misinformation of international public opinion on this matter.” It was not an isolated forecast because the document later delves into this same strategy to combat the gang’s whitening. Thus he insisted that Foreign Action will coordinate “initiatives to neutralize the activity of ETA and its environment in the international arena” and “when deemed necessary and depending on the circumstances of each case” combat “the actions of certain actors that may present a distorted idea of ​​the true criminal reality of terrorism “and” counteract the disinformation narrative of the terrorist organization and its environment. ”

Page of the description of the program 142A of the Budget, until yesterday on the Treasury website
Page of the description of the program 142A of the Budget, until yesterday on the Treasury website – ABC
Page of the description of the program 142A of the Budget, until yesterday on the Treasury website
Page of the description of the program 142A of the Budget, until yesterday on the Treasury website – ABC

“Wrong file”

ABC contacted Foreign Affairs to inquire about this document and the Ministry argued that the ETA-related inclusions were due to “typographical errors”, a consequence of the use of a “wrong file” and that the document would be modified immediately to withdraw all allusion to the ETA world. Therefore, the fight against the whitewashing of ETA disappears from the State’s Foreign Action, despite the fact that this week the Government itself has been forced to recognize that EH Bildu still has a way to go and must apologize to the victims. The Executive had to react like this to amend that the PSOE celebrated on Monday the words of the coordinator of EH Bildu, Arnaldo Otegi, regarding that the pain of the victims should never have occurred but without condemning the criminal activity of ETA. The next day it was learned that the former terrorist leader planned to vote on the new accounts in exchange for the release of 200 gang prisoners.

In addition to blaming everything on an error, Foreign also tried to downplay its document by ensuring that “it is not part of either the Bill or the State of Income and Expenditure of the General State Budgets”, but that they are “complementary and explanatory documents that accompany the Budgets, but that are not part of it. According to this Ministry, the corrected version of the document will state that the actions against the whitening of terrorism will be limited exclusively “to the international sphere.”

Laundering accusations

Since the inauguration of Pedro Sánchez, the Government has tried to legitimize EH Bildu by having become one of its benchmark partners in Congress. This Wednesday after the socialist celebration of Otegi’s words, the president of the PP, Pablo Casado, accused Sánchez of whitewashing him before the proximity of the Budgets. In addition, he demanded that he break his alliance with EH Bildu that same day but the socialist leader did not respond. That same day, the Socialists vetoed an institutional statement condemning ETA, arguing that the PP wanted to exploit it.

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