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Forest recovery of the El Puntal de Beneixama area

Beneixama, Hidraqua and its foundation, Fundación Aquae, present the project 'Sembrando Oxygen'

Beneixama, Hidraqua and its foundation, Fundación Aquae, present the project ‘Sembrando Oxygen’

The Beneixama City Council, Hidraqua and its foundation, Fundación Aquae, have presented the project ‘Sowing Oxygen’ to be launched later this year. The initiative contemplates the planting 800 trees of four noble native species. Specifically, 360 examples of Aleppo pine will be planted, one of the species that absorbs the most CO2; 200 wild olive trees (Olea europaea subsp.), 120 almond trees and 120 Mediterranean cypress trees.

Your goal is restore wooded land, calcined after a fire that suffered the area in 2019, protecting it against erosion and absorbing CO2. This will recover more than 15,000 m2 of forest area of ​​the place of El Puntal, which will allow absorb 76 tons of CO2 for the next three decades.

The presentation has been carried out coinciding with the celebration of World Environment Day and the beginning of the United Nations Decade on Ecosystem Restoration in line with the guidelines that will mark the next 10 years. One of the maxims of this Decade is to recover the planet’s ecosystems.

As stated by Paco Muñoz, manager of Hydraqua “This action is part of Hidraqua’s firm commitment to the environment and with the municipalities in which it provides services. The Sembrando Oxygen initiative was already developed a few years ago in Pego and now we wanted to carry it out in Beneixama. A municipality that in 2019 suffered a fire in this area and that, thanks to the alliances and commitment of the City Council; we will start working for your Recovery”.

With this action, more than 15,000 m2 of forest area will be recovered

Likewise, Vicente Ibáñez, mayor of Beneixama, has highlighted that “after the serious damage suffered in the fire of July 2019, thanks to these types of gestures and actions, our mountain will recover more quickly. So I want to thank Hidraqua, the selfless collaboration that he has shown from the first moment before this catastrophe suffered, both in tasks of reforestation, such as those provided in September 2019 as a result of the DANA”.

In addition, it is the first plantation that Aquae Foundation has presented for this year, but not the only one. A second reforestation is already planned in Ourense. Both plantations, to be carried out by Sylvestris, a social company specialized in forests, the environment and rural development, are part of the Aquae Foundation’s ‘Sembrando Oxygen’ project which, since 2015, has already made it possible to compensate 750 tons of CO2, thanks to the planting of 12,000 trees throughout the Spanish geography. It should be noted that, according to various studies, planting trees is the best method to absorb CO2 from the atmosphere and thus counteract global warming.

Beneixama plantation action plan

With these initiatives, Fundación Aquae contributes to prevent, halt and reverse the degradation of ecosystems throughout the world, and joins the objectives of the UN and FAO to move towards a sustainable model that respects the environment and biodiversity.

It should be remembered that Aquae is currently the the only non-profit entity that has the triple seal ‘Calculo-Compenso-Reduzco’ of the Ministry for the Ecological Transition (MITECO). In addition, the Foundation has been part of the ‘Carbon Footprint Registry, Carbon Dioxide Compensation and Absorption Projects’ since 2014 and, therefore, reports on the progress made in its emission reduction plan.

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