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Forget Will Smith and Chris Rock! Anthony Hopkins dancing at Oscar after-party will make your day

The 94th Academy Awards sure had a lot of viral moments. Apart from the surprising (and some not so surprising) winners, fans and social media had plenty to talk about from the event on March 28. Adding to that list is a now-viral video of Sir Anthony Hopkins, who took to the dance stage to show off his moves at the after-party for the Oscars. The video has now gone viral, as the net celebrates the acclaimed actor. 

Speaking of viral, Will Smith nearly broke the internet after slapping Chris Rock earlier in the day. Moments later, he ended up bagging the Best Lead Actor award, so it was certainly a night of highs and lows for the actor. Elsewhere, the net also found it extremely offensive that Ukraine was never verbally mentioned during the entire ceremony, while the three hosts found time to poke fun at the Republican Party. 


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Moving on from those controversies, we now have some rather positive news to share. Over the years, Hopkins has warmed our hearts many times with his dancing videos, and thankfully, we got another one at the Oscars. The net can’t seem to stop gushing over the actor’s moves, despite being 84 years old.

Anthony Hopkins’ dance breaks the net

The video was snapped at the after-party for the Oscars. Rather than even attempt to describe it, we’d rather you just watch it. It was first uploaded by New York Times’ media reported Nicole Sperling, who tweeted, “Anthony Hopkins, for one, clearly isn’t bothered by tonight’s controversy.” Do enjoy the show!

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A short while later, another NYT reported tweeted the video with the caption, “Sir Anthony Hopkins dancing at the Oscars after party to distract you from the discourse.” In response, one user said, “Anthony Hopkins dancing salsa by @OscarDLeon is all you need in life…” Another person responded, “I want some of whatever it is that’s got him so perked up. Wow. He’s definitely having a great time.”




“Anthony’s mood is my 2022 goal amongst chaos he’s awesome,” one user joked. Another replied, “But the dancing, omg need some lessons? Please adopt me.” A third replied, “New life goal – to be as elegant and smooth as Anthony Hopkins on the dance floor when I’m 84! Love the man!”





“Still moving around pretty good, love to see it,” one person tweeted. Another said, “sir anthony hopkins, i love and cherish you.”



Needless to say, this is just the kind of content we need after all the drama of the Oscars. It’s also taken away some of the spotlight from Will Smith’s slap, which according to the latest reports won’t end with the actor facing charges. 

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