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Former Brazilian footballer Pelé denied rumors of having lost consciousness and being in poor health

Getty Images. Former Brazilian footballer Pelé denied rumors that he had lost consciousness and was in poor health. 31 Oct 2000: Pele during an AXA photocall at Wembley in London. Mandatory Credit: Clive Mason / Allsport

Clive Mason /Allsport. / Getty Images

The mythical former footballer Pelé He has not been slow to use his social networks to deny in the first person serious health problems that have been attributed to him in recent times. In fact, only a few days ago it was published that ‘Kingdenied rumors of having lost consciousness due to a serious health problem, a troubling theory that the legendary ex-Brazilian athlete has denied emphatically in his latest Instagram post.

Folks, I have not passed out and I am in good health. I recently underwent routine tests, as I had not been able to do them since the start of the pandemic. Of course, make it clear that this Sunday I will not be able to play“Whoever it was joked world champion, Pele, with the ‘canarinha’ Brazil team in the 70s.

The star of the ball Skin He has even shared a photo that portrays him in black and white and with that eternal smile that has always characterized him, which has consequently generated a barrage of comments that concentrate the admiration, affection and even the idolatry professed by his most followers. staunch, as well as the big clubs brazil soccer. “Good health and long life to our king”, has directed the official account of Santos FC. It could be read on many of the social networks, which overflowed with love messages for Skin.

Curiously, at the beginning of the current health crisis, in February 2020, it was his own son who publicly warned about the supposed depression into which he would have fallen Pelé, whose name is Edson Arantes do Nascimento, on account of your physical condition and assumptions serious health problems.. Edinho, the aforementioned offspring, claimed that the mobility problems derived from a hip transplant had had a very negative impact on the overall well-being of his father.

“It is very fragile in terms of mobility mobility. He underwent a hip transplant, but he did not complete the rehabilitation process properly and he has this mobility problem, which ends up generating a certain depression, “said Edinho, one of the coaches of the Santos quarry, in conversation with the news portal Globoesporte referring to Pele’s delicate state of health, which he himself now denied.

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