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Former employee assigned to the US Embassy in Mexico accused of alleged sexual abuse of more than 20 women

(CNN Español) — A former federal employee stationed at the United States Embassy in Mexico was arrested on October 9 in San Diego, California, after allegedly sexually assaulting more than 20 women.

Brian Jeffrey Raymond was charged with coercion and instigation to travel interstate or internationally for the purpose of prostitution or sexual activity punishable by law, according to federal prosecutors.

Documents from the Court of the Southern District of California, dated October 15, indicate that the State Department and the FBI began investigating Raymond after an incident that allegedly took place in Mexico City.

A woman denounced on May 31 that she was sexually assaulted by the then employee in an apartment rented by the US Embassy in the Mexican capital.

Raymond “was returned” to the United States on June 1 and had two interviews with law enforcement officers, in which he admitted that he had sex with the woman, although he claimed it was “consensual.”

The defendant has worked for 23 years as a federal government employee and has lived in several countries, according to the documents.

At the moment it is unknown what position Raymond held at the US Embassy in Mexico, where he was stationed between August 2018 and June 1, 2020.

Adrienne Bory, a spokeswoman for the diplomatic headquarters, told CNN on Thursday that the Justice Department is the only entity authorized to speak about the case.

The Justice Department did not immediately respond to an additional request for information sent by CNN.

In mid-June, Raymond traveled to San Diego to live with his parents while he waited for “his next assignment,” the court documents explained. The defendant did not tell them that he had already “resigned” from his job.

If found guilty, Raymond could face up to 20 years in jail.

The authorities assure that they also have information on other alleged abuses against 23 women. One of those cases allegedly occurred in the US maritime and territorial jurisdiction, for which the defendant could also face a life sentence.

During the investigation, authorities seized two of Raymond’s cell phones and accessed his cloud account, where they say they found photos and videos in which it appears that the defendant recorded women in a state of unconsciousness. Authorities say they interviewed one of the victims, who told authorities that she had no idea that Raymond had recorded her shirtless.

Investigators say they have also accessed hundreds of virtual messages between Raymond and his victims, with which they could have determined that the defendant organized the meetings with the women through social networks such as the dating application Tinder.

According to prosecutors, at least nine of the victims were attacked in the apartment rented by the US Embassy in Mexico City and “many others” in the Washington metropolitan area between 2015 and 2017.

CNN has contacted the office of Raymond’s attorney, John Kirby, but has not been able to speak to the attorney at this time.

In a release petition filed with a judge on behalf of Raymond, Kirby claimed that throughout his career the defendant has undergone more than 10 polygraph tests, including a recent one in which “charges were brought against him” and that all has surpassed them.

In the request, Kirby said that the defendant would agree to house arrest and wear an ankle monitor in order to be released.

CNN is also trying to determine if there is any open investigation in Mexico into the accusations against the former US federal employee.

The news about Raymond’s arrest was first reported by The Daily Beast.

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