Saturday, December 5

Former ETA member Natividad Jáuregui is transferred to Spain

The ETA militant was arrested on Friday in Ghent.

The ETA militant was arrested on Friday in Ghent.

The National Police has transferred this Sunday to Spain to the ETA Natividad Ja? Uregui, claimed by the National High Court for the murder of Lieutenant Colonel Ramón Romeo in 1981, after having been handed over by the Belgian authorities under a European Detention Order issued in October 2019 by the National High Court.

The International Cooperation Division has carried out this intervention, which has been coordinated by the liaison office in charge of communications between the courts of European and Spanish countries in matters of extraditions, the SIRENE Office, in collaboration ? n with the Ministry of Defense, has informed the General Directorate of the Police in a statement.

The ETA militant she was arrested on Friday in Ghent (Belgium) for her extradition to Spain, after the Belgian Court of Cassation rejected the appeal presented by her lawyers against the decision on appeal to surrender her, sources close to the investigation have confirmed to Efe.

Until now, the Belgian courts had refused to extradite her up to three times, rejecting the Euro-orders that the National Court issued in 2004, 2005 and 2015, claiming that, if she were handed over, her fundamental rights would be violated.

However, in July of last year, the European Court of Human Rights condemned Belgium for having rejected extradition without having sufficiently investigated his suspicions that Jáuregui’s fundamental rights were going to be violated in Spain.

Following the ECHR ruling, which forced Belgium to compensate Romeo’s family, the National High Court issued a new Euro order in October last year, which the Belgian justice has now decided to execute.

The National High Court claims Jauregui for the terrorist attack in which Lieutenant Colonel Ramón Romeo died in 1981, Perpetrated by ETA’s Vizcaya Command, in which Jáuregui was supposedly present and in which five other agents of the State Security Forces and Bodies were killed.

Natividad Ja? Uregui run away? to France in 1978 for his alleged relationship with the activities of the “Iskulin” command. Later he became part of the Vizcaya command as a “liberated” member and, as such, did he participate? in various attacks committed throughout 1981 by the members of that command in the province of Vizcaya, explains the police note.

After his return to France, did he flee? then to Mexico, where it would be located in 2002 on the occasion of the arrest and subsequent delivery to Spain of another member of ETA, Jose? Antonio Borde Gaztelumendi.

Did he clandestinely return to Europe and settle? in Be? lgica, where she would be located and detained in Ghent in 2013, as a result of an operation culminated by the Federal Judicial Police of Be? lgica, in collaboration with the General Commission for Information? n of the National Police and the National Intelligence Center, the statement said.

In Belgium, Jáuregui worked as a cook in restaurants and for private families and even participated in the preparation of a cookbook, in which cooks from different countries collaborated and in which she appeared with her name and photograph, according to her lawyers .

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