Friday, September 24

Former Haitian Football Association Chief Referee Banned For Life By FIFA For Sexual Abuse | Football

FIFA’s ethics committee issued a lifetime ban on former chief referee for the Haitian Football Federation (FHF), Rosnick Grant, after finding him guilty of committing acts of sexual harassment and abuse.

Grant, who had his original 90-day provisional suspension extended in May, also abused his position and coerced young referees “to avoid reporting such sexual abuse,” according to a statement from the independent decision-making chamber of the committee of ethics on Friday.

“In the case of Mr. Grant, his conduct occurred between 2011 and 2021, and was related to sexual harassment and abuse, as well as threats and coercion (to avoid reporting such sexual abuse) towards arbitrators and taking advantage of his position of authority in the arbitration of Haitian soccer in exchange for sexual favors ”, it reads.

“In its decision, the sentencing chamber concluded that Mr. Grant had violated art. 23 (Protection of physical and mental integrity) and art. 25 (Abuse of office) of the FIFA Code of Ethics and sanctioned it with the suspension for life of all activities related to football (administrative, sports or of any other nature) both nationally and internationally. In addition, a fine of 100,000 Swiss francs. [£78,970] it has been imposed on Mr. Grant. “

Grant is a former international referee who had been chairman of the FHF referee commission since 2009 and had the ultimate responsibility for the appointment of referees in the Haitian national leagues. Several alleged victims told The Guardian in September that he intimidated young officials by threatening to end their careers if they did not have sex with him, and another said he had tried to take her virginity when she was 17.

Grant was also vice president of the FHF and his ban comes as part of FIFA’s investigation into what it has described as systematic sexual abuse of female soccer players and coaches, with former president Yves Jean-Bart suspended for life in November. Jean-Bart plans to appeal to the sports arbitration court after repeatedly protesting his innocence.

Nella Joseph, the Haitian U-20 women’s team supervisor who was based at the Center Technique National in Croix-des-Bouquets, received a 10-year suspension in May after being found guilty of forcing the players to have sex with Jean-Bart. , and FIFA continues to investigate allegations that Executive Secretary Fenelus Guerrier blackmailed girls into having sex with him. Guerrier told The Guardian in September that he was cooperating with what he described as a confidential investigation.

FIFA appointed a normalization committee in January after finding “strong indications” that Jean-Bart still wielded influence over the federation, but has yet to appoint a new committee chairman after Jacques Letang resigned.

Last month, Grant was subpoenaed by the local magistrate in Croix-des-Bouquets after being charged with trying to fix the murder of a journalist. Grant has denied the claims.

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