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Former New York Governor Andrew Cuomo officially charged with sex crime

Andrew Cuomo has been officially charged with a sex crime.

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The ex New York Governor Andrew Cuomo has been officially charged with a sex crime minor allegedly “forcibly touched a woman” on December 7 at the Governor’s Executive Mansion in Albany.

Lucian Chalfen, spokesman for the state judicial system, confirmed today that the complaint was filed for the minor sex crime against Cuomo in Albany City Court.

The filing of the complaint in Albany City Court comes two months after 63-year-old Cuomo resign his position as governor of New York following accusations of sexual harassment by several women.

The complaint says that former Governor Cuomo intentionally, “and for no legitimate purpose, forcibly placed his hand under the victim’s blouse.” Here the document:

“At the aforementioned date, time and place, the defendant Andrew M. Cuomo, intentionally and without any legitimate purpose, forcibly placed his hand under the victim’s blouse and on the intimate part of his body. Specifically, the victims (sic) left the breast with the purpose of degrading and gratifying their sexual desires, the opposite of the provisions of the statute in such a case carried out and arranged, ”the complaint reads.

The woman’s name was removed from a copy of the Albany County Sheriff’s Office complaint, which was published by a spokesperson for the New York State court system; in said copy it states that Cuomo committed the misdemeanor at his official residence on the afternoon of December 7 of last year.

Forcible touching is a Class A misdemeanor. If convicted, Andrew Cuomo could face up to a year in prison., or up to three years of probation, although at the moment it is not clear if the former governor of New York will be arrested.

Andrew Cuomo resigned last August after an investigation by the Attorney General’s Office began, where he discovered that he had committed sexual harassment in different cases.

However, the Attorney General’s Office did not have the authority to charge him for sex crimes, authorities in other counties had been investigating him, even though Cuomo has strongly denied the allegations.

But the criminal charges will open a new chapter in the personal and political future of the former governor, who has insisted that he will not run for his old position in 2022, although he regularly publishes statements about the race on his campaign website.

For her part, Mariann Wang, a lawyer for two of the women who accused Cuomo of misconduct, said in a statement that “he is being held accountable as he should be, even when forced to answer a criminal charge.” “We hope that all men who abuse their power by abusing women will see this and understand that there will be real consequences for their deeply damaging behavior.”

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