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Former New York police officer convicted of conspiring to kill ex-husband and ex-boyfriend’s daughter could be released from prison in six months

Former police officer Valeria Cincinelli was arrested in April 2019.

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A NYPD officer under arrest for conspiring to murder her ex-husband and her ex-boyfriend’s daughter in 2019, was sentenced this Friday to 4 years in jail, but could be released from prison in six months.

Of the 48 months that she has been sentenced in prison, she has already served 30, in addition to having seven months of credit for good behavior, what could make Valeria Cincinelli eligible for home confinement in six months, reported his attorney James Kousouros.

The woman who served for the NYPD, hailing from Oceanside, Long Island, pleaded guilty in April to obstruction of justice and apologized in court for her behavior, it reported. CBS2.

Cincinelli appeared in federal court in Central Islip, where he took responsibility for his actions and tried to explain why she conspired to kill her ex-husband Isaiah Carvalho and her ex-boyfriend’s daughter, arguing that she had been tormented by who was her partner at the time, John Dirubba.

“I can’t believe he allowed me to get to that place, that dark place. I never thought in a million years that it was going to happen. I was deeply, deeply damaged in that moment. I was not thinking clearly “Cincinelli told US District Judge Johanna Seybert as she cried.

The ex-police officer further stated that she did not intend to continue with her plans to murder these two people despite the fact that the audio recordings and text messages demonstrated the firm intention to carry out the murders.

“I never believed it could happen. I said horrible things, but every word that came out of my mouth was a lie “Cincinelli added.

For her part, Assistant United States Attorney Catherine Mirabile, indicated that the leaked recordings showed that the defendant intended to continue with the plan to end those two lives, but that did not finalize because of Dirubba’s cooperation with the FBI.

Dirubba’s collaboration was based on making the woman believe that Carvalho had already been murdered, and in a hidden camera video he is seen telling Cincinelli that the plan to kill him was already done, he reviewed ABC7.

After the evidence that indicated that she was orchestrating the conspiracy to kill Carvalho and remove him from his police pension, in addition to Dirubba’s daughter out of apparent envy and personal hatred, she was arrested.

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