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Former President Jimmy Carter lives in a $ 167,000 house and buys his clothes at Dollar General

Carter’s thrifty habits include spending weekends dining with neighbors on paper plates with bargain wine.

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Although he once lived in the great White House mansion, currently former President Jimmy Carter lives in a much more modest abode.

Carter, the nation’s 39th president and the oldest former president in US history, now 96 years old, currently leads a fairly normal and frugal life. In fact, Carter still lives in the ranch house he built himself in 1961.

The house, in rural Plains, Georgia It is a two bedroom ranch valued at only $ 167,000 USDs. This is less than the Secret Service armored vehicles are worth. It’s also lower than the median home price in Georgia, which is $ 213,026.

In addition to his affordable home, Carter’s thrifty habits include spending weekends dining with neighbors on paper plates with bargain wine. Additionally, he has stated that he and his wife Rosalynn make their own yogurt. It is also known that Carter buys his clothes at a local Dollar General store.

In recent years, Carter has made much of his income writing books; He has published at least 33 of them, including a children’s book and memoirs on his presidency.

Carter also receives an annual pension of $ 210,700 as do all former presidents.. Also, the federal government gives all former presidents an amount of money for things like travel and office space. In 2017, Carter received more than $ 230,000 in such awards.

Carter’s modest lifestyle is very different from that of other living former presidents.

Just remember that, in 2017, former President Barack Obama bought an $ 8.1 million mansion in Washington and is well known for his family’s tradition of taking a summer vacation on picturesque and expensive Martha’s Vineyard.

On the other hand, in the first year after leaving the position of president, Bill Clinton delivered 57 speeches, earning $ 13.7 million for them.

Clinton has a $ 1.7 million home in Chappaqua, New York, and a $ 2.85 million home in Washington DC

Likewise, George W. Bush has given at least 200 paid speeches since 2009, typically earning between $ 100,000 and $ 175,000 for each.

Apparently, having a great fortune is not essential for fellow winner of the 2002 Nobel Peace Prize, Jimmy Carter. In fact, according to CNBC, he once declared: “It had simply never been my ambition to be rich”.

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