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Former Trump Press Secretary Details Mysterious Hospital Visit In 2019

(CNN) — Former President Donald Trump’s secret visit to Walter Reed Hospital in 2019 appeared to be for a routine colonoscopy, according to Stephanie Grisham, former Trump press secretary and secretary general to the first lady Melania Trump.

Grisham was the White House Press Secretary, Melania Trump’s Secretary General and East Wing Communications Director during the Trump administration before resigning after the Jan.6 assault on Capitol Hill.

In his book, “I’ll Take Your Questions Now”, which was obtained by CNN, Grisham gives a first-hand account of his time in the White House and describes a culture of lies in the Trump administration.

In the book, Grisham does not use the term colonoscopy, but strongly hints that the trip was for that. He says Trump’s visit to the hospital, which sparked weeks of speculation about his health, was a “very common procedure”, during which “a patient is anesthetized.”

He also writes that former President George W. Bush underwent a similar procedure during his tenure; Bush underwent multiple colonoscopies during his presidency.

They will be able to review part of Trump’s financial records 0:31

Grisham writes that Trump did not want then-Vice President Mike Pence to be in power while he was sedated, which was part of the reason he kept his visit private. Nor did he “want to be the butt of a joke” on late-night television, Grisham writes.

The episode is just one of several behind-the-scenes revelations from Grisham, who was one of Trump’s longest-serving aides and witness to several moments in the administration that have made headlines.

Grisham began working for then-candidate Donald Trump in 2015 as a campaign press officer. She entered the White House as a deputy press secretary under Sean Spicer, but in March 2017, Melania Trump hired her to her east wing staff. As Communications Director for the East Wing, Grisham quickly became the first lady’s most prominent employee.

Since resigning from his post following the January 6 insurrection, Grisham has mostly remained out of the limelight. He now lives in Kansas, where he has spent the last few months writing this book, a familiar source told CNN.

Rejection of the Trump family

In a statement provided to CNN, Trump said: “Too bad the sleazy bag editors keep reporting this boring rubbish. We and the MAGA movement are totally used to it. And someday, in the not too distant future, we will recover. our voice and we will be treated fairly by the press. “

His spokeswoman, Liz Harrington, added: “This book is another regrettable attempt to harness the president’s strength and sell lies about the Trump family.”

CNN has reached out to Melania Trump’s office for comment on Grisham’s book.

Melania Trump controversies revealed in new book 1:41

In a statement to The Washington Post, which reported the details of the book Tuesday morning, Melania Trump’s office trashed Grisham.

“The intention behind this book is obvious,” Melania Trump’s office said in a statement to that newspaper. “It is an attempt to redeem herself after poor performance as a press secretary, failed personal relationships, and unprofessional behavior in the White House. Through falsehood and betrayal, she seeks to gain relevance and money at the expense of Mrs. Trump.” .

“Well that was awkward”

Grisham details the tumultuous period after Trump’s alleged affairs with Stormy Daniels and Karen McDougal became public, outlining Melania Trump’s “anger” and her attempts to distance herself from her husband. Grisham says public humiliation made Melania Trump an emboldened first lady.

“After the Stormy Daniels story broke out and all the allegations that followed from other women, I felt like Mrs. Trump was basically unleashed,” Grisham writes.

“She had always been independent from her husband, but now, as a publicly aggrieved and humiliated first lady, she seemed liberated to do whatever she wanted, or didn’t want to,” she added.

Grisham also faced a humiliating episode in the wake of the Daniels news. The then president called Grisham from Air Force One to tell him that his manhood, which Daniels had detailed in an interview, was “fine.”

“‘Everything down there is fine,’ he said. What the hell was I supposed to say to that? I stuck to a simple ‘OK’, praying that we would somehow disconnect,” writes Grisham. “‘Okay,’ he repeated. ‘Yes, sir,’ I replied. Well, that was awkward.”

Grisham writes that Trump once asked her then-boyfriend, who was also a consultant, if she was good in bed. It also alleges that Trump constantly asked where a young press aide was at events and allegedly once asked that the aide be taken to his cabin on Air Force One so that he could “look at her.” [por detrĂ¡s]”.

The former press secretary also reveals one of the biggest mysteries of Trump’s public image: his hair.

Grisham says Trump cuts it himself, “with huge scissors that could probably cut a ribbon at the grand opening of one of his properties.”

Interactions with Putin

Grisham also details some of the interactions between the former president and one of the main focuses of his presidency: Russian leader Vladimir Putin.

According to Grisham, Trump told the President of Russia that he would act tougher on him when the cameras were rolling during the G20 Summit in 2019.

“Okay, I’m going to act a little tougher on you for a few minutes. But it’s for the cameras, and when they leave, we’ll talk. You understand,” Trump told Putin when they met on the sidelines of the G20 in Osaka, Japan, he writes. Grisham.

Grisham also writes about Trump’s intense tantrums and fury, of which she was often the target, describing her behavior as “terrifying.”

“When I started to see how his temper wasn’t just for shock value or cameras, I started to regret my decision to go to the West Wing,” writes Grisham, who says a good deal of Trump’s anger was often directed White House Counselor Pat Cipollone.

“He didn’t like being told that the things he wanted to do were unethical or illegal. So he would yell at them. But then he would listen. And then he would yell at them again.”

CNN’s Kate Sullivan contributed to this report.

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