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Former world champion throws flowers to Messi for his present with the Argentine team

Lionel Messi being elevated and applauded by his fellow Argentinians, after winning the Copa América 2021.

Photo: CARL DE SOUZA / AFP / Getty Images

The former Argentine player Mario Alberto Kempes assured this Tuesday that Leo Messi is “on the right track” to redirect his career with the Albiceleste team, but stressed that the players who surround him in this new stage also contribute and that this is key to the successes of Lionel Scaloni’s team.

“Having won the Copa América has strengthened the group. Many faces have changed, they are no longer those of friends, and these boys of today know that they have the best player in the world with them, but their personality makes them play too and that is good for Argentina “, said Kempes after picking up in Valencia the Distinction of the Generalitat.

Kempes, still today a myth of the fans of the Mestalla club, said that does not rule out seeing one day directing the Valencian team to Pablo Aimar, from Cordoba like him, also a former Valencia footballer and now a member of Scaloni’s coaching staff.

“All can be. I saw Pablo a lot in River, in Valencia a little and as he is now in the national team it may be. Hopefully he comes, hopefully he’s lucky. (If he called me to come with him) I would say yes, but leave me alone, “he said with a laugh.

Kempes pointed out that he sees the greats of Spanish football at a time of change and acknowledged that currently the Premier League is the competition that surprises him the most.

“There are times… when the Iniestas, the Xavi, just started Messi, Ronaldinho is there… it was a different Barcelona. Time has passed, there are new faces, there are new boys and generation changes always cost a bit, but I think both Barcelona and Madrid have great teams, but being so young you can’t put the burden on their back ”, he pointed out.

“Spanish football is important, but it is in a moment of transition. Among the five leagues that are listened to the most, I think that the English one is the one that can surprise you the most “, he stated.

Regarding the award he received, he stressed that it also belongs to “the teammates” he had at Valencia.

“Every time they give you something it is a reminder that you have done things more or less well, but it is what I always say, you just do nothing,” said Kempes, who confessed that he is surprised that young boys recognize him for the streets of Valencia. “You are amazed that they know you, but it’s cute,” she admitted.

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